Glimpse of Summer



Poppies  in the back garden ❤ Last year I just had one plant – this year there must be a hundred

It feels as though it has already come and gone…


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Mossy woodland deer trail

I first of all, want to come back to blogging! Summer is a little like entering the Fairy Realm… I’m just not sure what happened to that time.  We host many visitors, travel to Nova Scotia numerous times, we garden and garden and eat so much good food.  The days are split between harvesting, taking Henry for beach walks or just.. I don’t even know!  I did sleep near a fairy fort in Ireland so…

But now, finally, that cool air is forcing me inside with a more productive mindset.  I have a new study/studio (whatever you want to call it) and I have never felt more inspired by a small room before (I will do a post on the room, or something of that nature, I would love to share it with you!).  And so, here I am reflecting on the summer.

Our gardens have been bountiful, the weather has been very kind with both sun and rain, heat and cooler days.  The bugs have been atrocious but in turn, the butterflies and bees have been so numerous you can hear the buzz or clicking of their wings as you walk through the fields.  There have been trips to the beach, walks in the woods, bonfires, fresh garden meals, preserving and jam making, knitting (but not as much), long bike rides and old friends.  All in all, it has been a very pleasant season.

And yet… I can not seem to remember very much of it!  I also did not take very many photographs at all.  So, I wanted to share just a couple, just to get back into the swing of things.

I do hope you enjoyed your summer, where ever you found yourself!  What did you get up to?  Does anyone else feel like it passes like a dream?

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Fields and fields of flowers, blackberries and of course hand knit sweaters !
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Beach Camp with the rising sun
Two loves, Astilbe and Pangur (and then I realize the trees and rocks and lilac and sedum !! Okay, many loves)
A dry spell – the river runs dry and we get to go on a new hike (happens usually once a year) – The rock formations are amazing!!
Success with Hollyhocks ❤   This beautiful black hollyhock plant grew in our back garden.  I even collected some of the petals and dyed a pair of socks with them – the result was a pale grey/blue.
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Family visits to the beach on a full moon and an opportunity to photograph a beautiful handknit Olwyn that Meaghan knit
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A good neighbour
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The river wasn’t always dry and the land was covered with clover and buttercups, once upon a time
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Laughing Lisa, we share a birthday and on this day, we climbed Mont St. Hilaire ❤  Afterwards we joined our family who lives below the mountain for a delicious homemade dinner and cake.
The heart is a lonely hunter
Jamie asks me to pick everything for Tabbouleh – parsley and tomato
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Two sister witches, photograph their knits in the woods (it was near impossible in July to not have a bug on your foot… or realistically on every square inch of your body )
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One very good reason to plant a crab apple tree
A very good companion while I pick, day in, day out 
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Sometimes, I have an urge to cable and so mittens seems like a very simple way to satisfy that urge!  Also, a book I picked up at the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath, Ireland.  
GHOST PIPE (Monotropa uniflora) just saying hello
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Queen Anne’s Lace by the wayside
The little specks of paint have been cleared and yes, our *new* old floor – covered with 30s linoleum and carpet, we made this a summer project – the floor of our study/studio.  I think it is Red Oak and the tree must be from the 17th century.   We washed, stained and finished this beauty floor – I honestly couldn’t feel happier with this project of ours and have this sense that the house feels happy too.
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
Prince Edward Island, side of the road stops (very essential)
16 Cups in the freezer, I braved the deer flies and black flies so we can have some jam and pie ❤
A finished project – Shall I write a blog about this sweater?
Tor Bay Provincial Park – I lose myself when we drive those winding roads and park here, a place like no other.



Sunflower Eve in my Mother’s garden
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Only a July evening light
My loves on the ferry
The ferry brings us to these walks
We currently have thousands of Painted Lady Butterflies around our home
But just at our house, we have these evening walks ❤  If you can imagine having dozens of painted ladies flutter around you while you walk toward this fairy tree, basked in golden September light
Collecting blackberries from our walks – we have several jars of jam now in the cold room


**  I’m sorry this is such a short post!  I do wish I had been actively blogging this summer, documenting hikes or anything really!  I think it’s safe to say that stepping into a sun drenched (although.. my photographs make it seem like we had a very cloudy summer – I am just drawn to taking photographs when the sun isn’t beaming down on us) fairy realm is pretty accurate ; ).  I really like to take my time with plants, just to be with them, observe them, I spent much of my time in this manner, leaving my phone turned off or hidden away somewhere.

Lastly, I am sorry this blog is more like a visual diary than what I see most blogs being – instructional sites.  I simply enjoy documenting the little things in life and don’t really see myself as being an authority on anything on this planet for giving people instruction.  Sometimes, I wonder if it’s even still relevant to have a blog simply documenting your life… but alas, I do enjoy it (regardless of the hiatus) and really love the conversations and friendships that I’ve made on here.  So Blessings all and I hope you’ve been well!

A song for you, that I sometimes play on repeat (like right now)

PS  I still fully plan to write and share about Ireland, it’s only my second home ❤

  • IMG_20170906_180937
    Walks with Henry

    “Song of the Sea” My favourite movie – We did see seals this summer as well while crossing the strait.  I love them!

29 thoughts on “Glimpse of Summer

      1. Yes, my kids and I love that one as well! I would love to see one about wolves, I will watch for it to come out. Thanks!


  1. I enjoyed reading your blog post! You live in such a beautiful place!

    P.S. I love Song of the Sea (and The Secret of Kells). Seals are adorable creatures!


    1. Hi Leah!

      Thank you so much! I was kind of thinking… this blog post might be too boring, but I have to get back to it somehow!

      Seals are adorable and I really think magical… neither land nor sea! This summer, I was crossing the strait on the ferry and was looking out at the water – one was swimming right below, on his back while looking up at us! It looked like he was waving up at us : )


  2. I agree…it was a magical summer! I allowed myself to do something that I’ve been too ashamed to do my entire life…I ignored summer completely – the sun, heat and beckoning to be outside. Instead, I drew my curtains, put on my woollies (and the air conditioning) and pretended it was winter all summer. It was the happiest summer of my life! Every year before I have felt guilty and forced myself to get out and “enjoy the summer weather”. But not this year! It was liberating and left me so refreshed (unlike summer usually does – it’s always drained me entirely). Now we’re headed straight into my favorite season with Mabon close at hand and the new year at Samhain soon after!

    I love your blog posts, illustrations/paintings and photos so much (that reclaimed floor! and those hollyhocks, kittens and handknits!!). Thank you for continuing to share here. I spend most of my time on Instagram, but do enjoy the conversational tone and story telling that can be achieved via a blog 🙂 I’m an island dweller, too…just the other side of the country and south a bit. Especially love seeing all the similarities between our north-coast terrains 🙂

    Wishing you a lovely Autumn!!


    1. Hello *Woollykindknits*!

      Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving this very heart felt and fun message! I enjoyed reading it thoroughly, especially imagining it’s winter all summer : D I’m glad that this made you happy… I have only recently too begun to just abide by what will definitely make me happy rather than go with what’s normal or expected, etc. I think this is a perfect example!

      This is my favourite time of year as well (and I love that you celebrate Mabon and Samhain :)!) I wish I knew more people on my island who did, but alas, I am alone in that realm so it’s very encouraging and heartwarming to connect to others online 🙂

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement as well. It really makes my day to hear and I DO hope I can find the time to sit down to do some artwork soon. My time lately is mostly occupied by preserving food! Not that I am complaining… I feel very fortunate to be able to say this.

      Blessed Autumn to you on your Pacific Coast 🙂



      1. Oh how wonderful! I confess, I did take some advantage of summer – collected many berries for preserving over winter (with much gratitude, but only on cloudy mornings ;-). Hope you post pictures of your fully stocked pantry. Always such an inspiration. Blessings to you on your Atlantic Coast 🙂


  3. Hi Julia!

    Your summer sounds look a dream. There is nothing better than to just let the world be, and fine peace while caring for your home and garden. To just be still and focused. I really wish I had that ability, and I don’t think you should need to apologise for being away from blogging because of that 🙂 Your photos are beautiful, as always. I would have loved to visit the fairy tree 🙂

    The floors look great. What a job that must have been! I feel that there is so many things in a house that are much more important to the “feeling” and personality of the house rather than furnitures and decoration. There is always so much focus on that, but really what “makes” the house are, in my view, things like floors. Or windows. And the materials that are used. They sort of “set the mood” 🙂

    Summer did feel like a dream this year. We had seven weeks off, but I am not sure where they all went. I have no idea what we spent those weeks doing, we just “were”.. Kind of nice too, don’t you think?

    And do keep writing on your blog. It is so nice to read your posts and see your photos. 🙂


      1. I am so pleased! Anonymous 4 are an American Medieval group who often do Religious music like Hildegard Von Bingen (which is amazing!). This is an old American Folk song, it’s so beautiful and Im so happy you feel the same way! It’s simple and the lyrics… I love it!

        Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Camilla,

      I am happy to be back chatting with you! And yes, I definitely agree that it is best to just allow yourself to be – even if that means stepping off the face of the earth in some sense. Sometimes I feel a little guilty, leaving my phone off – I think But I must respond to messages I have – and then I think, the world will not end and all in good time ; )

      I am glad you felt the same this summer, Just being. It’s when I notice, we are most at peace with ourselves, at our happiest.

      I completely agree about your outlook on the characteristics of a house! I feel like houses have spirits in a sense and the energy feels best when you work with the natural form of the house (i’m not sure f that makes sense…in my head it does :P) . The floor was what we were hoping was under the different levels! I will make a post about it to share because it is special to me.

      I do hope you enjoy your class this fall! Envious of your reading, I must get a good book for the fall! I’m currently reading a book about Druids but long for a novel on colder days. What to read?


      1. I often feel the same way. I receive messages from people I care about, and even if they aren’t important, maybe just a funny snap, I feel bad if I don’t answer. I am not very good at putting my phone away, if I want to do that, I have to turn it off and put it away the whole day, otherwise I keep checking it without thinking about it. I think I will practice putting it away more often. It sounds very relaxing.

        I can’t wait to read about the floor. I have a love for old houses, and our own house is a boring 1950’s house. I try to make the best of it, but I wish it was older with old wooden floors and cute windows.

        I actually don’t get to read a lot of literature. It is so much to read, that I have to read the summaries of most of the books, because I have so much writing to do, both about books/plays/poetry and subjects such as phonetics.

        I remember you wanted to read books by female authors, but I am not sure what to suggest, because I haven’t read that many Norwegian female authors. Apart from Kristin Lavransdatter, the Tora trilogy is something “everyone” should read, or perhaps “Dinas book”. They are all written by Herbjørg Wassmo. I really want to read “Dinas book”. Maybe we should have a sort read along? 🙂


      2. I love this idea!! I have never heard of the Tora trilogy or “Dinas Book” but I just added what I could find to my Good Reads. I have a feeling that my library doesn’t carry these, I’ll check the university. It would be interesting to read at the same time, especially since you would be reading the Norwegian and I would read a translation (I so wish I could read the original 😦

        Jamie did get me another Sigrid Undset book for my birthday, but I am waiting for the winter to read it. It’s called “The Axe” (The Master of Hestviken 1).

        This is exactly what happens to me when I start going on instagram or anything really on my phone. And my only option to not go down the deep rabbit hole, is putting it out of sight. I’ve been working on this for months now though and have a pretty good handle on just staying away, because it really does just steal so much of my time and there is just WAY too much to do in this life! Like reading books… and going for walks ; ) Perhaps I’ll write a blog post about “social media detox” hah

        Anywho, I will look into where I can get a copy of the Dina translation!

        And your house!! 1950s houses are SO neat, they have so much character! I’m sure it is wonderful :)!

        (sorry for this long letter 😥 )

        Liked by 1 person

      3. I like long letters 🙂 If you really want to read it at the same time, but can’t find a copy, I’ll just send you one in english, no problem 🙂 I’m not sure what Good Reads is, but I’ll google it 🙂


      4. P.S: I saw that you followed my blog. Thank you, that is very kind 🙂 But it is an old address I never did anything with. My address is 🙂


      5. Thank you Camilla! I so want to go through your blog, I will have to wait! I have a visitor coming today and have much cleaning to do about the house but when I have the time, I will revisit :)!
        And I found an English translation of Dina’s Book on Amazon, so will order with my next order! Perhaps a fall time order.

        Liked by 1 person

      6. I just bought the last book in the Tiffany Aching series by Terry Pratchett. It’s not quite finished, but very moving in some places. The series starts very YA, but it contains some of Pratchetts
        best writing.


  4. Hi Julia,

    It was so nice to read another blog post, I always look forward to them and your beautiful photography. So much inspiration!
    I was really surprised to see that we are cross stitch twins!
    I thought something about the picture with your beautiful blue sweater looked familiar and then I realized I have the exact same one.
    I found it a few years ago at our local thrift shop, and had to have it! Funny enough I went back a few months later and found the two smaller ones in the set as well!…Anyway I never thought I would see another, but they just keep popping up! 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful knitting this winter!

    Wishing you a cozy Autumn,
    Sirena. (Vancouver Island)


    1. Hi Sirena,

      Thanks so much for your message and your very flattering words, thank you : )

      And the piece of wall embroidery! Isn’t it beautiful? I found this one at Value Village. What do the 2 smaller ones look like? That is so funny that you have the same one! I always think of them as a one off but then realize, they came in kits! I do need to clean mine but not entirely sure how to go about doing that.

      I was able to find the history of another piece I found at Value Village. It is a large sunflower and apparently was featured in Mad Men (my mom once called me to tell me hah!).

      Now I’m itching to go thrifting : )

      Blessed Mabon to you and your family from the Atlantic Coast to the Pacific


  5. I so enjoyed this post, Julia! You’re blog is such a breath of fresh air, and reminds me of an old fashioned journal. It makes me long for older centuries with such beautiful/simple textures and colours! I love how you are so captured by the earth around you. It grounds me and bring me back to the simplicity that is so health-ful amongst the chaos of work and home duties. I’ve been a bit bogged down by all of that so thanks!

    Your wood floors are a dream! Wonderful job finishing them 🙂

    Love Song of the Sea as well. And the Book of Kells! I have some relatives who visited Ireland recently and saw the Book of Kells in Dublin. Naturally, I geeked out a bit over their pictures!

    It is so warm today in NB, but the leaves are changing quickly and Autumn feels as though it is just around the corner.

    Take good care!



    1. Thank you so much Morgan! When I feel any kind of discouragement to continue sharing thoughts or art or anything for that matter, honestly this is just what will keep me going. Chaos is exactly how I would describes what feels like is going on in the world right now, I even notice my animal companions have been acting strange. But as soon as you just go for a walk, work with the earth or put away all technology and read a book, I feel as though all is one again.

      Oh, I love hearing that others love Song of the Sea and the Book of Kells! I did see the Book of Kells this past spring and it is a jewel, far more precious really. Did your relatives take pictures of the exhibit? Or maybe from the Long Room in the Library! It is amazing : D

      On PEI we are still having warm weather! A friend of mine was just visiting from New Brunswick, I hope to visit there sometime and go to the Fundy Park, looks so beautiful!

      Be well : )


      1. Thats so neat that you saw the Book of Kells as well! Yes, my relatives had a few photos of the library and architecture but nothing more than that! I don’t think they were quite as excited 🙂

        It is so interesting what you say about your animals and social/political chaos. Its like they can sense our unrest. I’ve found myself caught between a desire to be aware and actively engaged, and a longing to just shut myself away and let everyone else deal with it!

        There are certainly some beautiful spots in NB! I love the Fundy Trail Parkway that begins around St. Martins. There are so many beautiful hikes and waterfalls and lookouts, and they are adding more every year! I just visited PEI last month and went to the Cape Tryon Lighthouse for the first time. It was so perfect!


  6. As always, Julia, your posts are warm, honest, engaging, and so lovely to read. Never apologize for your style, my friend, for it is what makes you unique… and what draws us to you.

    Summer flew by for me, but it was filled with spontaneous trips to unexplored places for us! Plus there was time in the garden and freezing 3 flats of blueberries, 3 flats of strawberries, and some blackberry sauce.

    I did not spend much time in the studio. And I’ve been traveling since the beginning of September – should arrive home tomorrow. It’s time to get back to the studio and create!

    By the way, Anon 4 is a fav of mine. I have a number of their Hildegard CD’s. Such ethereal music that penetrates the soul. I’ve not seen the movie you speak of but will check it out.

    So good to have you back blogging. There is no set rule on blogging. And in my opinion, there are way too many of those “how to” ones.


    1. Happy *early* Equinox, Bonnie!

      Sorry I am so far behind responding, an old friend was visiting us here and we did have a very nice time. But now, it is morning and I can sit and respond : )

      I’m glad you had a lovely summer! That sounds like a lot of berries that you picked!! Are you making jam or do you keep them for smoothies, etc?

      I am so excited to hear you love Anonymous 4 as well! Have you ever seen them preform? I know they are from NY. It is funny, writing this blog, I want to just put out there a lot of the things that I love in music/books/tv/ anything really! I always feel like a bit of a misfit but I’m finding so many people enjoy the same things! I really love Hildegard Von Bingen’s music, especially their renditions. I am hoping to come back to my mandolin and start playing some medieval tunes, they are really my favourite but anyway, i digress!

      I’m excited to be back to blogging as well, I do prefer it to social media!

      Be well during the shift this weekend!


      1. We freeze our berries for winter use – on oatmeal, in smoothies, in baked goods, etc.

        I did see Anonymous 4 perform in person in our area. The performance was held in a Cathedral that had outstanding acoustics. I listened with my eyes closed most of the time and was transported to someplace magical. It was fabulous! 🎶

        I too prefer blogging & commenting/communicating over social media. There is something about sm that just doesn’t feel right to me. I’m thinking of taking another hiatus from IG soon. And feeling the judge to maybe ressurect my blog.

        This equinox has me in a state of quiet wilderness – not a bad thing, but rather knowing that there are things I must shed that no longer serve my higher Self. ( and maybe sm is one of them?) When one releases the “old” thoughts/patterns/beliefs, it makes room for the “new” to come in.

        You mention mandolin. I didn’t realize you played! A friend of mine is selling hers for $100. I’m tempted. I’ve played guitar in past years, along with other instruments such as pipe organ, lap harp, accordion. The past 7 years or so I’ve picked up the Native American wood flute which I ❤️!

        Hope your equinox was lovely.


  7. Hi Julia
    Am delighted that you have returned to your blog. Must follow your example and tend to my poor forgotten blog. It’s so interesting to hear what you have been up to in your part of the world and your photos are full of fascinating things to look at – you couldn’t do boring if you tried 🙂
    Would love a blog post on your blue and rust sweater, the shades compliment each other wonderfully. Love to see what you have been growing as well – I have been nurturing some auricula ‘babies’ this summer. Germination was very sporadic and when they finally had a pair of true leaves I transplanted them into individual pots where they just sat and refused to develop for ages. We have just returned from a trip to the Northumbrian Coast (all beaches and castles) and while they were being neglected each one has thrived! You just can’t win 😉
    Looking forward to your next post (but no pressure)
    Take care


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