My name is Julia and I live on an island in an old house with my love Jamie and our family of animals.  I knit, bake, read, draw, paint, run, cycle, garden and watch the sky all with an unquestioning faith in our earth, in our universe.

Ireland, my second home ❤

I was raised playing witch of the wood among old apple trees, a large vegetable and herb garden and the open sky.  My imagination was nourished with the help of books and more books: fairy tales, Roald Dalh, Harry Potter, Secret Garden, Narnia among so many others granted me the secret world I always imagined.  As I grew older, my thirst for reading and books was always at the forefront.  It provided a safe refuge from a world I didn’t feel like I quite fit into.

We were not taught the things I wanted to do at school and my way of thinking was not compatible with compulsory education.  As a teenager, I was heavily influenced by punk ethos (particularly the band Crass), by nature and books.  By living under the stars in wonder.  My Mom always made me clothing and it wasn’t until my later teens that I asked her to teach me as well.  She taught me to knit and I never stopped!  I was literally hooked after my first cast on.

While at university, my sister and I began an etsy shop to share with others our love for knitting with Icelandic wool. I remember when we started we were SO excited we had 1 sale (which stayed that way for a while).  I still feel that same excitement when I see someone has taken the time and thought to purchase one of our handknit items.

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Giant Herringbone Blanket 🙂  And of all my handknit sweaters – still wearing Jamie’s Icelandic Handknit 🙂
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In the snow, our home. I dream of painting it black with a red, metal roof.


I am happiest listening to rain on a metal roof, holding a cup of something hot, while I stare at the most minuscule growth on a plant (somehow I can spend a lot of time staring at plants).  Being bare foot in the summer, eating warm berries.  While walking behind the happiest dog as they run free, full of joy.

I enjoy blogging and taking photographs among so many other things, I have yet to even discover half of them yet!  My goal is to live a humble and happy life and my intent here is to share it with you.

It is very nice to meet you ❤

You can find me at :

E-mail : jreddy.fox@gmail.com

Instagram: @Woodfolkk

Knitwear Etsy shop: Ways of Wood Folk