Flower Moon

  Greetings Friends! Today, it's drizzling with a cold North-West wind.  The rain is pelting down, so I'm sitting with the fire, a cat sprawled on his back and a sleepy pup.  Although it's May, I'm content to be by the fire while the rain transforms our brown and barren landscape. We should really celebrate … Continue reading Flower Moon

January’s End, New Knits and Rambling thoughts

Good Sunday evening! I hope everyone has been well and looking forward to the lengthening days, the shortest month.   Imbolc is at our doorstep and of course, here it will not feel like spring until March (or April.. or May... ho hum!). Regardless, these lengthening days see my heart stirring, my mind dancing with ideas … Continue reading January’s End, New Knits and Rambling thoughts