Preparing Shop Orders & More Snow


Back Yard
Henry among the snow

And it’s back.  A foot of snow, freezing temperatures… the chickens refuse to leave the coop and boots full of snow.  We can at least take heart that it is technically *spring* and this won’t last.  But for now, my nose is running and my feet are damp.  I feel like watching The Ken Burn’s documentary about the Civil War and not leaving the couch… eating brownies and drinking peppermint tea. But first, before I succumb to these whims, I thought I would be somewhat productive and share some photos I took the other day while I was preparing for Etsy shipments.

This week, I prepared the folkloric Lopapeysa, A Fairisle pull over  and some hand-pressed cards.  I have been feeling SO lethargic and just “blah” this past week (I think a combination of the blizzard and monthly times), such little drive to do anything at all.  Last week, I baked like 5 different types of bread (2 loaves of french bread, 2 loaves of whole grain, 2 peasant loaves, 12 buns and some naan bread!) and was just on a wild spree of being a productive human being.  I even read one of my favourite books, The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath and picked out some new books to pick up at the library.  I felt SO good and happy and this week has just been the exact opposite.  I have just been down in the pits or as my girl Anne says, in the depths of despair.  Winter melancholia.

But alas, it is sunny and sometimes, it’s so difficult to feel anything but hope and happiness when you are basking in the sun.

Folding the Fairisle


To get out of a funk, I enjoy the creative process of simply packaging up orders.  I wanted to share a couple photos with you since I am much better at that than descriptive writing!

I make wrapping paper for the cards, using hand-carved stamps.  Last weekend, I bought some red ink for a different look (what do you think?).  I really enjoy wrapping up cards and tying them up with string. Simple pleasures that I hope bring a wee bit of happiness to the person that receives them! I stamp the brown paper based on what type of artwork has been purchased, for instance if it is a botanical or fungi print, I make sure it is plant based wrapping paper.

E T S Y   O R D E R S

Pressed Paper for wrapping cards! I just bought some red ink and love it!
IMG_20170323_132014 (1)
Cards to be shipped out!
Snow on March 24th
The view from my workspace  – snow and wind (and some flies that have taken refuge)
Ways of Wood Folk
Choosing a tag
Wrapped up with a handmade card
Details of a sweater – lettlopi wool
Bound up with some extra wool for any potential mending and a hand-pressed card
a tag with some wool


Saturday Hike with Henry and Jamie to Strathgartney, PEI
Beautiful Pine tree, one of my favourite trees ❤
Snowy Woodland at Strathgartney

N A T U R A L   W O R L D

Jamie and I went on a really beautiful walk in Strathgertney Provincial Park yesterday.  Luckily, there was a path to follow made by snow shoes rather than us struggling in our winter boots in the snow.  The park is beautiful, with a range of different woodlands, walks along the West River.  We only met two other people and were free deep in the woods from the sounds of cars on the nearby highway.  I can not wait for the snow to melt and the mud to dry up so we can freely walk in the different beautiful spots on this island.


This week, I am hopeful that the temperatures will rise, that the sun will come out, that we will be free of blizzards and impending storms. My Mom has graciously agreed to come stay with me for the week since Jamie will be going to Ontario for work and I would love company living out in the country during my bluest time of year.  For some reason, the “Winter Blues” descends upon me in the beginning of “spring” rather than the winter.  I feel very alive and happy in the winter months but March often sees me down.

I see the light though, because April, April is next Saturday!  Praise the Gods!

I hope you all enjoy your last week of M A R C H! Bye Legions!

Bye Friends!  I’ll be out here for the week (Song of the Sea, 2015)


Links to our Shops:

KNIT WEAR ETSY SHOP : Ways of Wood Folk

ART WORK ETSY SHOP : Wood Folk Prints



13 thoughts on “Preparing Shop Orders & More Snow

  1. Thanks so much for sharing, Julia! Your posts and photos of your beautiful work are always a welcome sight! I’m in NB, but jump at the chance to visit the island as often as I can! Have yet to check out Strathgartney, but it has been added to my list 🙂


    1. Hey Morgan!

      Thank you so much! That’s funny, I was in NB today to pick my mom up in Aulac! Such a beautiful drive overlooking the vast marsh between NB and NS.

      And please visit Strathgartney! It is beautiful, it’s just off of the highway to Charlottetown from the bridge. I’m thinking of doing more posts about different spots around the Island so excited to know others are interested!

      Be well!



  2. I love the horse stamp with the red ink! It looks just like a Dalahäst (Dalecarlian Horse in English according to Wikipedia). When I was 10, I went to Sälen in Dalarna in Sweden with my family for holiday (we’re Norwegian, so it’s not very far), and me and my sisters were given a small wooden dalahäst each. I had it standing in my room for years. Good memories! I have to look for that horse next time I’m at my parents’.
    I love the rusty colours of the sweater with the green card! And the picture of all the (birch?) trees is stunning! Great shot!
    Guro 🙂


    1. Hi Guro 🙂

      I’m so glad you like my horse stamp! And yes, I based it on the Dala Horse. I really love traditional Scandinavian design and the Dala horse is just so simple and I love it! How lucky you are that you got to vacation in Dalarna! I would love to go to Norway, I feel a pull to Norway… sigh. You should definitely find that little wooden horse!

      And thank you for the compliments on my sweater. I took the photo of the birch trees yesterday while we went to the woods. It was a magical day and now I am tired, zzzz.




  3. Thankyou Julia again for you lovely writing and photos, I think the red ink looks super, I too have been printing with red and goes lovely on brown card.
    Oh boy March! I don’t know what it is about this month but it always manages to bring unpredictable surprises in a month supposed change but seems to prove us wrong somehow. The humidity here is meant to have calmed and it reared its hot head again last week. I don’t mind summer when it’s supposed to be summer but right now I’m hanging for proper autumn. Hope that makes sense!!
    Anyway thankyou for a lovely Monday morning read with tea and toast. I’m thinking of doing a blog myself as I would imagine it’s a lovely way to journal and share with others giving it a bit more purpose.
    Hope the energy is lifting gor you, you’re doing a lovely job and inspire me whenever I see or read your musings. Have a super week
    Eliza x


    1. Hi Eliza!

      Happy Monday Morning to you! It is funny thinking of you on the other side of the world eating toast and just beginning your day, while I am settling down for Sunday evening, watching documentaries!

      Unpredictable is definitely a good descriptor for March! Humidity.. I can not even imagine. I hope you get some cooler weather soon, when does that usually happen?

      I highly suggest a blog! It is great to see creative process and to simply reflect on your work. I enjoy it a lot, more so than social media. Even if it doesn’t get out to any where near as many people, I just find it really motivating and fun if that makes any sense! If you keep a journal, I think you would really enjoy it!

      I’m sorry my musings might not always be up beat! The light and warmer weather will definitely bring better energy and positivity.

      Hope you have a lovely week as well!



  4. Thank you for sharing your beautiful creations with us! I love the tag with the fox all curled up. He looks so cozy. The sweater is lovely and it inspires me to knit a Lopi sweater for myself.

    The weather here in Rockland has been crazy. 15cm of snow on Friday and freezing rain today. It’s supposed to warm up as of tomorrow.

    I can relate with the winter blues. They used to get me in November or December. But in the last two years, it has been January and February. I have no desire to knit or cook. I just want to be under a blanket. To keep myself going, I have to push myself to get out of the house or look at new knitting patterns. Hang in there! It will be nice to have your Mom with you.

    I look forward to reading your blog posts.

    Wishing you a good week!


    1. Hi Kimberley!

      Thanks again for your comment, I love hearing about how others come to terms with the winter blues or really anything for that matter!

      Are you expecting more snow in the area? We are expecting another 10 cm tomorrow and just general flurries everyday for the next couple of days 😮 Cold end to March but I am starting seeds anyway!

      and I know all about having a hard time getting yourself to do things. We have a lot of animals and a wood fireplace so that really forces me out, but sometimes I would just love to do absolutely nothing.

      It is SO soon, I am taking heart today because it’s the new moon and with our waxing moon, I feel free to repot plants and start seeds.

      Enjoy your week! Hope Eastern Ontario is getting warmer ❤


      1. Good day Julia! Unfortunately we are getting another 10-15cms of the white stuff today. It is supposed to warm up next week. I’m keeping my spirits up by searching everything about PEI online. I love fiddling and will be attending a couple of Ceilidhs. We are planning a couple a trail walks too. I think I’ll bring socks to knit as they are so portable and a larger project for when I am at the cottage. We will be spending a week on Miscou Island before heading to PEI. I’m looking forward to this trip!

        Tomorrow, I am looking forward to breakfast with my knitting friends and a photo shoot with lambs!! I’m so excited! My knitting friend has sheep and lambs were born last week. I’ll bring my camera and try to get good shots.

        I’ve been eyeing the bouquet of flowers in the grocery stores and I might just bring one home to make it feel someone like Spring in the house.

        Wishing you a wonderful weekend with sunny blue skies and a bit of warmth!



  5. Hi Julia, it’s no wonder you are feeling a bit low just now with the winter you have had. It’s certainly outstayed it’s welcome for you. Here in Derbyshire we have had some snow but mostly rain and the ground underfoot never really dried out, making our daily walks round the moors and woods very heavy going at times. Love the care with which you send out your beautiful sweaters into the world – what is it about brown paper and string which appeals to us so much? And your prints are perfect, the red is particularly pleasing. A week having your Mum to stay sounds just the thing to cheer you up
    Very best wishes for the prompt arrrival of Spring in your neck of the woods
    Regards Jane


    1. Hi Jane,

      Oh, how lucky you are to live in Derbyshire! I sneaked a peak at some pictures and it looks absolutely stunning. I’ve always wanted to walk the moors, hopefully *someday.*

      And thank you so much for your kind compliments! My Mom has been definitely keeping my spirits up while Jamie has been gone and we have been keeping busy.

      Wishing you a beautiful blue day for your walk on the moors!



  6. I understand your lethargy, I find this time of year my least favourite season-wise, everything is slushy and dirty (in the city especially). And we often get freezing rain (which we have today, blerg!) But the cardinals are singing their hearts out, the sweet robins are back, and I even saw a v of honking geese in the sky yesterday, so I know it’s only a matter of time till the air is heavy with the hevenly scent of lilacs and lily of the valley.

    In the meantime, there is always tea, yarn and a cozy spot on the couch as consolation.

    Thank you for another beautiful post. Everything you do is exquisite. I am so impressed and inspired.


    1. Hi Nicole!

      Thank you for your encouragement and beautiful words.

      You are so incredibly right! It really is hard to be so down when there are robins, geese and endless signs of changing, green times. I love Canadian Geese and seeing them these past few days has been a great source of consolation to me. Yesterday evening, my mom and I walked down to the river we live by and there were hundreds, upon hundreds of them and they just kept on arriving! It was really spectacular to see.

      We have snow in the forecast here this week, I hope the blanket of winter has lifted for you in Eastern Ontario. It’s so close regardless ❤


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