Naturalist Pen and Ink Drawing + Medieval Spinner

Welcome to my tiny creative space! I hope you’re all well. I wanted to share a bit more about a recent drawing I completed which we had made into prints for the shop!

I drew this piece as a gift.

Jamie asked me for some pen and ink work for his office for Christmas so I spent many hours figuring out what to draw and then the meditative task of drawing with pen and ink. The final piece is probably my 3rd or 4th attempt – I’m pretty hard on myself and even though I definitely don’t consider myself a perfectionist in the slightest, I still like to see my original visions manifest. I do love to put headphones in, have a steaming hot cup of tea or coffee and get lost in black lines unfurling into mushrooms or leaves.

So, where does this drawing come from?

When I’m wandering in the woods, I always have a hope in my heart to find a relic that embodies the natural world. Of course these are everywhere from the trees to the moss, roots and plants galore! However, it’s the sun bleached bones that I’m searching. Minerals, feathers, mushrooms! Finding bones of animals may seem like an odd hobby, but I find them incredibly beautiful, interesting and make me feel a deep connection to the earth beneath our feet. To the cycle of life and death that is integral to our being.

This particular top of a deer skull is one of my favourite finds. While walking in the woods on a foggy Halloween, Henry emerge so joyfully with what looked like a rock covered in moss. However, Henry is not prone to picking up large rocks with her teeth with such a spring in her step! I noticed right away that it looked like a very old, very small antler sticking out of this rock. My heart jumped and I demanded Henry (sorry, Henry!) drop! And here it was, the top of a very old judging by the heavy moss top of a deer skull. Who knows how long it rested under the dense fir trees. This particular skull along with other precious finds has a home in our home, along with stones, crystals, beach glass, dried plants, and living plants.

The jawbone is from a very young coyote. This find was one of my most literally wild finds, found directly under the bald eagle’s nest. I was in actual shock when I found this realizing what had transpired. Shortly after, I remembered another time I found something similar under a different bald eagle nest. I now think of the bald eagle as the apex predator in the East Coast of Canada. This poor young coyote, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. The cycle of life can be so cruel but it’s the way of our world. The bald eagle needs to feed her young – I couldn’t imagine a world without both of these majestic creatures. Life is both light and dark, up and down.

I do hope you like my rendering of reverence for this cycle of my naturalist collection. Information of sizing is in the shop. It is a Giclee print, which are high quality art reproductions. I want to thank those that donated to the blog which helped with the production cost, Thank you ❀ The Shop can be found by clicking here or by clicking on the link at the top of the homepage.

Beginning to play around with ideas for a drawing
One of my favourite landscapes
Starting to come together
For the part I love, the details! I saved the skull for the end which made me highly anxious that I would ruin it! I try to keep the moto in my head “KEEP IT SIMPLE” which sometimes I have to repeat over and over.
And I kept it simple I think πŸ™‚
Details – Ferns, dandelions, Fungi and Oak leaves envelope the top of the skull.
A walk in a boulder strewn Hemlock forest. This has been the landscape that we’ve been hiking in lately – the rocks feels like homes of elves and trolls. Sometimes I knock on them wondering if anyone is home πŸ™‚
Medieval Spinner, a drawing from last year. I sold out of my prints so ordered a few more – this batch has deckled edges which gives paper an old world feel.
Oh Hemlocks, so happy I can share a world with you
The Small spinner is back as well with deckled edges
Spinner Medallion print, I have a few of these currently in stock.
Thank you for reading ❀

I Hope you enjoy you day! Thank you so much dear readers for your recent support! Reading my blog, commenting and supporting the shop. I’ve been feeling extremely grateful lately for your continued support during my rocky journey as a creative. Thank you so much ❀

Spinner and Dye Plants

We just saw 4 deer trail through our backyard! It was so magical to see them walking one behind the other under the trees. I’ll soon be on the lookout for Antlers again πŸ™‚ Today, we are headed out for a walk along the sea, my eyes will definitely be scanning the beach for frosted glass, shells and fairy stones!

Merry Part!

8 thoughts on “Naturalist Pen and Ink Drawing + Medieval Spinner

  1. Good morning Julia! Another lovely post that resonates with my heart. Stunning photos. I too enjoy being blessed by gifts from nature while in the woods. John and I had quite a collection of bones, feathers, nests, etc., but when it came time to move I decided to return some to nature and give some to family members who enjoy them. The process to replenish these is slow as I explore the natural beauty of MN and my woods – observe and allow nature to surprise me with her gifts. I am eager to receive my prints of the standing spinner with sheep and the naturalist drawing. Thank you for shipping them so quickly. So happy to watch you blossom as you follow your heart. Your posts always brighten my day 🦌 πŸ„ πŸŒ²πŸŒ“


    1. Thank you so much Bonnie for the lovely comment and the support of my artwork ❀

      I think that was a beautiful gesture to return what you found back to the earth. Sometimes, I sacrifice some of my finds burying them around trees I care about! It might sound strange, but I can’t help it – something just tells me to πŸ™‚

      MN seems like a very magical place full of vast forests and lakes – I’m sure you will find some antlers shed just in your backyard! Perhaps you’ll even observe some more supernatural forest creatures πŸ˜‰ (I’ve listened to lots of stories that involve MN and interesting creatures).

      Hope you enjoy the artwork and it gets there swiftly!

      Have a lovely week ❀


  2. -wow- that new work is incredible Julia. Absolutely stunning!! The detail is so fine, I’m impressed. Thank you for sharing! I hope you do more work like this. It would be very beautiful on a hoodie, in black on white or white on black. Also I’d totally wear your spinner lady on a hoodie too. ❀ ^___^


    1. Hey Baedirin!

      Thank you so much!! I really love delving into fine detail – I think I have a lot a lot to learn but I just love to do it anyway! I probably will do more pen and ink because it just really calms and grounds me. Hopefully I’ll find some antlers this spring (crosses fingers!!). I also have a garden being planned right now – we have nowhere near as much space and it’s very very rocky but it’s definitely the perfect amount for me to plant!

      I love that idea for the clothes! I actually had that idea as well but I’ll have to do research on fair trade organic cotton clothing which can be so daunting! But thanks for the interest πŸ™‚

      Wishing you a beautiful day in BC!


    1. Nova Scotia is so beautiful! It has wild seascapes, vast forests and lakes and a more pastoral side as well by the bay of Fundy (the highest tides in the world!). Thanks for taking a look at what I share πŸ™‚


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