Elf Pine Socks & Autumn



Autumn!  September’s End!  We just got back from camping on the Fundy Shore and it was beautiful!  On Friday night, we drove over the bridge to Nova Scotia and set up our tent overlooking the Minas Basin (i.e. mud during low tide), multiple islands in the mud (the tide also rises!) and the quickly disappearing sun.  The sound of rushing water lulled us to sleep as the tides came in and we woke to dew, mist and a day of hiking stretched before us.  I heartily believe, the dream!

Five Islands
The stunning Minas Basin, that is mainly very wet mud reflecting the sun.  It was magical and a landscape I’ve only ever witnessed right here!

During our hike in Economy, NS, I packed up all of the Elf Pine socks that I knit over the past couple of months to take some shots with the lush moss and forests. We live in a comparably tiny part of Canada, but the spots to explore and camp honestly feel endless.  I am constantly amazed at how unique and beautiful this little corner of the country is.  We drove down a rough dirt road, lined with wild blueberry fields to Kenomee Canyon or otherwise known as the Economy River Wilderness Area.  It is a very long hike so we spent the morning by the waterfall, climbing along the escarpment, talking about coming back to actually hike and do backwoods camping.  Next time, I’ll have my own pair of Elf Pine Socks and a sleeping bag that envelopes my head :D.

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Wild Blueberry fields in Economy, NS

Some fallen trees, wearing moss coats hosted us with our knit socks 🙂  We sat with them, took some pictures and left only footprints.  I felt like the forest perfectly embodied the socks that I knit and designed over the summer.  Lush moss and towering trees.  I made these with the hope that all who wears or makes them, feels that sense of a deep mysterious forest and a haven where tea, fire and warmth greets them.

Grey and Brown Socks
The Grey Pair which will be up on Etsy!
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Pine Green and Rust Elf Pine Socks – Sap from trees over my tights!
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Waterfall at the end of Devil’s Bend in Economy, NS
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Gold Socks by the camp Fire!  Cooking potatoes from our garden

The Elf Pine socks are knit with lettlopi (if you know me, this won’t surprise you in the slightest!).  Lettlopi is a lighter Icelandic wool.  Although socks are typically knit using a wool or yarn with 20 per cent nylon for durability, I wanted to make these not necessarily for extreme use but rather for a cold lounging by the fire, sipping tea, vegging out kind of day.  Or in contrast, a fall camping day, where you just really need something warm.  Due to the makeup of Lettlopi, they will also likely felt at the bottom.  So I really advise for these to be slippers and for home use.

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Knitting Process!

The pattern, which is now up on our Etsy Site, is as simple and straight forward as I could possibly make it.  I have been intimidated by socks for quite a few years and have only within the past year or two, really grasped how to make them without relying on a pattern.  I have had so many knitting patterns in my head but have never found them to actually exist.  To me, this is so strange because they are all so simple and basic.  I often am digging through my mom’s patterns from the 1960’s to find basic patterns!  The Elf Pine socks are a culmination of my sock knowledge and technique 🙂 x


I hope you enjoy the photographs and knitting these little slipper style socks!  I have become a little bit addicted to them and have started taking lopi from my sweater designated stash to knit some more Elf Pine Socks!  I love combining lopi, the colours are so deep and earthy that I am compelled to just continue to create and create!   I can not wait to see the colours that you come up with 🙂 ❤


I still have so much to discuss, to share!  This year has been a blur of immense change and suddenly, I feel at complete peace and happiness at where we are.  Last weekend, we were haunting the streets of Dublin, Ireland and now the forests in Nova Scotia.  I have to admit, although I know one is more socially acceptable and expected (a city), the other just speaks to me and leaves me… happy.  Content.  I feel at peace hiking, reading by a campfire, knitting little elf booties! Life can be complicated when we let other’s expectations sway us but is so simple if we just give in to what really makes us happy!

Thank you ❤ From the mossy fairies

8 thoughts on “Elf Pine Socks & Autumn

  1. My heart ❤️ is filled with joy, Julia, that you are following and living what makes your heart ❤️ sing. I share your preference for the woods.

    These socks 🧦 are SO sweet! I have been knitting 🧶 🧦 for decades and have settled on a few different styles that I repeatedly make for myself, or as gifts for family and friends. I have always thought that having some little slipper like 🧦 In a basket 🧺 by the door 🚪 for when guests come for a visit to our home 🏡 as they take their shoes off upon entry. This pattern is perfect for this! I have already downloaded it and will pull my Alafoss stash out! Needles are on the ready! Though I will knit🧶 them, your loving 🥰 energy and the energy of your magical land will be infused into them. Thank you 🙏!

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  2. What a special, magical place to camp! The perfect setting to capture the elvish magic in your socks. Was your campsite right by the water? Were there many other campers? I love the idea of camping in the autumn. We were hiking in a magical woodsy place filled with huge rocks, caves, ferns, and moss yesterday so coming home to see your new sock pattern was the perfect ending to my day.

    Bonnie said it so well – these socks really capture your sylvan energy and spirit, and that spirit will be knit into the pair(s) I make as well. I cast on this morning!


    1. Hi Valerie!

      Thanks so much! I love that you used the term sylvan energy and spirit – I am honoured to be described with those words!

      Our campsite was right by the water on the Minas Basin! It was really neat to wake up to the lowest tide. Next weekend it will be camping in Cape Breton so I’m crossing my fingers that it’s not too cold.

      I really hope to see what colour combinations you come up with for the socks! I hope you enjoy making them as well 🙂 🙂

      Happy Thanksgiving to you next weekend! 🙂


  3. How gorgeous are those socks! I have never knitted them before and to be honest they intimidate me! We are going camping in just a couple of weeks and I couldn’t agree with you more about nature vs. city. Thanks so much for sharing your gorgeous photos and makes with us all!


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