Bealtaine Gardening : Gardening on PEI in the month of May

transplanting ferns below the Pine – They seem to be doing very well 🙂  My hope is for the ferns to take over an invasive ground cover species that the previous owners planted

Good Morning on this June 6th!

I am curled up on the couch with Henry, a candle lit, fairy lights on and an espresso, green tea and giant glass jar of water with me (Not a bit excessive).  It’s grey and cold and rainy out there.  I uploaded these pictures of the garden a couple of days ago feeling so happy and optimistic with the growth I was seeing, only to be hit with a solid 5 days of cold and rain.  My basil plants turned black and died as well as countless other things.   I have been feeling depressed and I think it’s linked to my poor plants that I foolishly put out too early (we had 2 days of 30 degree weather!  It was amazing but TRICKERY).

Last night I woke from a deep sleep to quite a shock – what felt like a full on assault to my face.  Petey, jumped on my face cutting right under my eye >.<  This morning I asked Jamie if my eye was swollen to which he said NO!  I thought how strange because I feel like my vision is kind of blurry there but it’s normal?  I wonder now if Jamie knows what I look like because my eye is SO swollen!  So, today I’ll be taking it so very easy with facemasks and bags of frozen peas, pretending that my eye is better and the sun is shining >.<

Petey and Hugo
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Sun Room Plants – Geraniums and some window box cats

The garden though!  We were late getting our firewood this year (yes, it’s there… all 6 chords of logs now) so during the month of may when I’m usually splitting wood – I was gardening.   I have a small patch this year of kale and spinach – already thinking of planting more because it’s really not a lot!  This is doing really well in the cold.  I also planted peas, carrots, beets, onions, potatoes, countless flowers and herbs as well as rutabaga.  Everything seems to be fine but I am SO worried about the beans that I planted.  Black Beans that I collected from my plants last year as well as an old Acadian variety called “Goose Gullet” Bush Beans – they notoriously do not like to be cold and wet while germinating.  So… at this point, all I can do is wait and see and then possibly find a new source of black turtle beans (maybe I’ll just order some today from Hopeseed….)

The growth of the Horse Chestnut, just this spring!  Amazing
PEI ❤ a beautiful evening at the end of May
The Cherry Blossoms – I hope the bees could get their fill before they were blown away by the wind
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Enjoying the winds
IMG_20180601_194837 (1)
Part of the Garden – This section is roughly…. 12 X 20 feet (That is a major Guess, haha I have no idea what it actually is but I can measure it another day!) Growing Garlic, Peas, Beets, Carrots and tomatoes – there are a couple of beds that I haven’t planted yet
Henry girl on a hot day – behind her is a bed of onions and rutabaga
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Too hot to be out so window sills and drawing the fresh apple blossoms
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Quick drawings on a lazy hot afternoon
More Drawing – the Black Swallowtails are out and and about – fluttering around around yard

Oh, I know it won’t be long before the weather changes.  It feels like winter in a way here – Last night when I stepped outside, there was such a chill in the air and all you could smell was wood smoke from our chimney and our neighbours – not at all a June evening.  Tonight, I will have to cover the tomato plants that I put outside with pots – I have dog hair and straw all around them and have already had to put pots over each individual plant to protect them from frost (we already have a frost advisory for tonight and actual “wet flurries” in the forecast for the day).

And so, I’m going to go put on some rubber boots with aloe smothered around my eye and see how those plants are doing (good thing I live in the country 🙂 )   Hoping my end of  June Garden update is more upbeat and hopeful, green and exciting for you (I do think I need it for my soul).  But I admit, this is the first June that i have seen “flurries” in the forecast 😛   Tomorrow does mark the upturn in the weather SO PRAISE BE!

Hope you’re experiencing a beautiful beginning to the most lovely of months <3<3<3 And may there be no snow in your summer forecast!

Processed with VSCO with t1 preset
Knitting and drawing ❤ The swallowtails on a nice day are everywhere around our house! I have a plan for A LOT of dill to be left for the butterflies



The family of raccoons have officially vacated the property!  I went to check up on them the other day – and it was completely empty!  We were told that they more than likely would move out.  I felt actually blessed in a way that they decided our small backyard was a safe place to raise some wee ones.

Our resident Family in an old rotting birch

6 thoughts on “Bealtaine Gardening : Gardening on PEI in the month of May

  1. So sorry about the “boo-boo.” Whatever prompted the cat, to do that????

    I’m sure you do not want to go to regular docs, but…. There could be infection…. Which may well need ‘help,’ to eliminate….

    I understand the odd June weather. We too have heat on. And it is downright cold, for June. Since we are older and not planting much these days, nothing out there, has been hurt. So sad for all your losses and possible losses…

    Gloriously beautiful photos!!!! Like being able to visit you, for a couple of hours… Thank you.

    A ‘Nana’ in the upper North East of the U.S.


    1. Hi Nana 😀

      Oh dear, I know, I cleaned it well and I am spending the day keeping a very close “eye” on it. I was very nervous to be honest because of the risk of infection from cat scratches – eep. I have an anti bacterial spread and will be vigilant today! But thank you for the concern >..< Oh dear.. I let him get away with too much. (anyway… kind of rambling now about dear Petey and my scratch)

      It is very sad about the plants but things could be worse so I am hopeful that the weather will change and I can get some new beans in the ground if need be!

      I'm so glad you feel like you visit for a little bit! This is the idea I'd like to convey – sometimes I think of doing a youtube channel of just basically showing the garden and rambling about nothing in particular. Sometimes it can be isolating living on an island away from family!

      Hope the trees are bringing you some joy in a colder June!


  2. Hi Julia!

    I’m so glad to read about your garden. Too bad it’s still a bit cold. I hope the worst part is over by now and that the rest of your plants survive! We’ve had weeks of really warm weather, and the grass is all brown because there is a watering restriction. Luckily we can still water the plants. The weather forecast says we will have rain on monday and I do hope so, because we really need it!

    Your pictures ans drawings are SO beautiful. I especially like the ones with the cherry blossoms. 😊 I love flowering trees so much!

    I hope your eye is better by now! ❤️



    1. Hey Camilla 🙂

      I hope you did get rain! It has rained SO much here and we have had relatively mild temperatures so I guess, it is actually very good for the plants and earth despite my longing for heat!

      Thank you so much for your very nice compliments! :):) ❤ I do hope to have a letter in the mail for you 😀 and hope your exams went well!!!!

      My eye is much better! Lol, it was healed in about 2 days but now there is a large scratch on my nose from Pangur following me on a walk and having to carry him home (he was not happy about it but he was about to head off into the woods pretty far from home!).

      Anywho, hoping to be more active on here/sm next week

      Happy Mid Summer to you!!!!


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