Norn Sisters Logo Commission

Journal sketches
Forsythia in a 19th C medicine bottle ❤

Hello Friends,

I hope you’re all well this end of the merry month of May.

Life here has been busy but good all the same. From gardening, art commissions and travelling. The weather surprisingly warm for the Maritimes, the sun glorious and ah, the green growth all around us! The forsythia is already withering making way for crab apple blossoms, lupins and peonies. Our small neighbourhood in itself feels like one large garden and I’ve been smitten everywhere I look. Yesterday we had our first proper rain in what felt like an age. I took Henry to see how the forest streams were flowing and right in the midst of the flowing, bubbling creek was a fiery red cardinal having a drink of fresh water. The scene looked like something woven from a fairy tale all gnarled in twisted roots and fog.

Today, I wanted to share with you one of my recent commissions! Norn Sisters is a women-run small scale woolen mill operating in rural Minnesota offering woolen products, milling services and courses in textiles and spinning. Theresa Bentz from Get Bentz Farm and Alejandra Sanchez from A Woolen Forest have partnered up to create this beautiful small-scale business and I was very honoured to create a small logo for them. A towering oak tree reaches to the sky while the roots bury into the earth. Flora and Fauna are intertwined in the roots. A curious rabbit looks our at the stars which represent the Norn Sisters who in Germanic myth are Clotho (“The Spinner”), Lachesis (“The Decider”), and Atropos (“The Inevitable”). The sisters represent Past, Present, Future or my favourite folk interpretation maiden, mother, crone.

To photograph the work, I printed out a copy and pasted it in my journal. On a walk to the woods, I packed up my journal and camera to photograph it among the always so pleasing moss. I love the solitude of the forest. It always inspires me.

Do check out their mill online and their instagram: @nornsisters! They are weaving magic ❤

If you’re interested in custom art work please send an e-mail to My work is inspired by 19th century fairy tale illustrators and pen and ink botanicals ❤

Many blessings and I hope you’re all doing well ❤

6 thoughts on “Norn Sisters Logo Commission

  1. Hello dear Julia! Thank you for posting this about Norn Sisters Woolen Mill! I love that they are part of the fibershed within Minnesota – and that they are passionate about saving rare and/or endangered breeds of fiber animals. I quickly noted that they have Icelandic sheep/fleece 😉 The bonus is that they are in Minnesota – located only about 1-1/2 hours from me. I will definitely support their new endeavor…and their individual farms. I am so happy to hear that your creative work as an artist is thriving. At some point I might need to commission you for my own logo, but there is still much to unfold in my life until then.


    1. Yes! I thought of you being so close to them in Minnesota and how special a place it must be to have you all creating there.

      I’d be very happy to do that for you when the time comes 🙂 Wishing you creative energy ❤


  2. Actually, the Norns are the weavers of faith in Norse mythology, their names are Urd, Verndande and Skuld. Klothos and her sisters are from Greek mythology 🙂


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