Ways of Wood Folk Knits

Merry Meet!

The branches around our home are bare. I’m sitting on a sheepskin on the floor before the fireplace, my computer propped up on the painted brick. All of our candles have found a home inside of our fireplace since we have to have repairs before we can use it. So for this winter, we will be relying on just the baseboard heaters while we save up for the work. But for now, I have a bowl of full-fat yogurt in the early morning and Petey the orange tabby following my every move of a spoon. He rubs his head against mine hoping I’ll relent and give him yogurt πŸ™‚

The month of November finally sees me back to work at our small shop. I’d love to start regularly sharing our works in a blog – perhaps monthly, perhaps every 2 months? I wanted to share a collection of photographs of some recent creations for the shop. Some of these items were knit while we lived in temporary housing between our old PEI house and getting the keys to our Nova Scotia house. I feel extremely grateful for our new home.

All of the Icelandic fingerless mittens were knit in our liminal time in-between home and place and the Rustic Knit Mittens were knit here in our midcentury house, nestled into a slope. In the coming months I will share little snippets of our new home – I find it charming . Built in 1957 as a unique build following the trends of midcentury modern design but on a simpler scale. I really love it – I probably will not share the front because we no longer face a farm field but are in a small neighbourhood! Today, we are putting up Christmas lights for the first time ever, it’s been so fun living again among people! I imagine kitschy 50’s inspired decorations πŸ™‚

Olwyn Sweater knit by Meaghan, to soon be up in the shop.
Knit with MacAuslands wool – reworking a design for the shop. These will be up in the shop in the next week or so. When I design a knit item, I often knit an item from my head and then work upon deciding in what direction the design to go. It takes me a long time and these are the 2nd stage of that process.

Many of these photographs were taken in the woods by our new home, the woods in rural Nova Scotia, Lawrencetown and in our living room. Photography is one of my favourite parts of having a small cottage shop. I have wanted to invest in a new camera for awhile, imagining that this would really elevate my photography. However, I’ve finally come to accept what I have to work with. This has been liberating!! We often get caught in mentalities that “everything will work out when I… (insert some new material thing or physical thing).” This can be debilitating to creativity. Let’s strive to break down those destructive mentalities! We can create no matter how little we have to work with. Jamie and my Mom took the photographs where I am modeling an item – they are both awesome and I’m so lucky to have them both ❀

In the woods we go
Hand Crochet Victorian Stars made by my Mom. These are hardened the old fashioned way with sugar and water. All of these sold out of the shop in a day when I posted them so will have a few more up in the next few weeks – they may not be available to reach you before Christmas though. I keep some of mine hanging around the house all year πŸ™‚

Everything in the shop with the exception of new knits, will be on sale (20% off) until December 1st! That includes all patterns, cards, prints and original artwork. I’m working on new artwork and patterns to be up in the shop so much of the prints in the shop will likely not be renewed after they sell (however, I will be ordering more spinners and possibly the fox to add to the art section of the shop). Hope you enjoy and thank you so much for your support! I also added a donate button to the blog in the off chance anyone would like to support my creative endeavours – any donations (no matter how small) will go directly to my creative fund for continuing to explore and create in new ways (photography, video, music, design, painting etc.).

I hope you enjoy the photographs, knits and art ❀

A pair of socks I knit from my head for my sister. This was my first attempt at the picot edge – so cute!
Birch Socks knit by my mom – this pattern is from a book, I believe it’s “a Gathering of Lace.” We love this pattern!
Fun way to use my tiny bits of Lettlopi Colour. I loved making these ones for the interplay of colour, they are not off to Connecticut.
Another Design using Briggs and Little this time, working on the pattern for the shop. I find it challenging figuring out how to write the pattern for these – all knitting is done from my head without patterns so sometimes finding a way to clearly communicate how to make something can be difficult for me – but I’ll do my best and I hope you will like them πŸ™‚ Photograph is in the woods of rural Nova Scotia by a shelter my Dad built.
Our living room set among the trees and rainbows ☺️
The finished project, knit using local PEI Belfast Mini Mills Sock wool.
A pair of fingerless Icelandic Mittens using all tiny bits, knit when we first moved into our new home.
Olwyn knit by Meaghan – this particular Olwyn found a home in Maine.
Forest light
Handknits where they blend in best, nature. My Mom took these photos and I think she has an eye for photography πŸ™‚
The fireplace that needs repairs where I like to gather around anyway!
MacAusland Knits – Rustic PEI wool knit mittens featuring a simple pattern.
The woods Henry and I walk to each day – it’s magical under the boughs.
Cards are back up in the shop and a glimpse at the final design I’m coming up with. I’ll share a blog post when they are all finished πŸ™‚
The last Olwyn to go up in the shop for now – Knit by Meaghan. Jamie and I photographed it out at Lawrencetown Beach ❀
Ways of Wood Folk’s Olwyn sweater

Hope you have all been well and finding some time to take for yourself, whether that’s going for a walk, listening to a podcast or reading a book! Sending you many blessings, thank you for reading and….

Merry Part ❀

A song I’m learning on the mandolin… I’ll post a video if you’d like to see in the future πŸ™‚

8 thoughts on “Ways of Wood Folk Knits

    1. Thank you!

      A knitter since 8 years old too! Her grandma from Scotland taught her and she never stopped, teaching my sister and I as well πŸ™‚ I love that it’s a tradition passed on from my ancestors.

      Lawrencetown is not far outside of Halifax, along the eastern shore of Nova Scotia ❀


  1. Merry Meet! that phrase opens a little secret door for me into another world as of course it’s a special greeting for some of us…I can see your new home is in a very beautiful setting, I too live with woods next to me, such a magical thing to have, especially for those who have creative leanings. I liked the mandolin music. Your knitting work is fabulous, I love the jumper. You mentioned blogging more and I would love to read your experiences, it looks like you have had a bumpy life journey so would be fun to read about the ups and downs of how you managed to keep your creative business going, stay positive and get through those difficult times. Thanks for sharing such lovely pictures. Blessings πŸ™‚ Betty


    1. Thank you Betty the wood fairy for your comment! I hope the moon and the forests have been keeping you well. Our house is situated in the trees only a short walk from a forest but it is in a more urban setting which has been very interesting for us. Despite that, it’s very private and feels like we live in a tree house! Our plan is to eventually build right in the middle of the woods but for now, this is perfect.
      It’s true that it has been a bumpy life journey with many ups and downs however I do lean more toward thinking only of all the good things that have happened. I feel very fortunate in this life for so many things – the people in my life and my natural tendency to find happiness and joy in the tiny often overlooked things. I will do my best to include some of those trials in a future blog – perhaps simply about the ups and downs of running a small cottage business? Thank you for the suggestions!

      Merry Part and blessed December ❀


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