New Moon Update

The stars are still out. Everyone is asleep while I sit by the fire in the basement. It’s been so rare lately that I get up before the sun but in these infrequent moments, I cherish it so deeply. It’s so quiet and still. Even with my music filling up the room.

January 2021 has already been… eventful to say the least. Our little microcosm seems to be replicating the chaos of the larger world out there. So, as always I’m searching for that sense of well being in nature and reading. When I’m out in the snow or experiencing a flow state from reading a book or drawing, I do think I’ve found it. A sense of peace and happiness! Focused work and being in nature really does wonders for my well being – I wonder if you feel the same?

developing a sock pattern for the shop and thought it might look cute on a stump in the snowy woods yesterday πŸ™‚ albeit a little wet

I hope your January has been going well!

Here, I am taking stock of future projects. Trying to get a handle of everything that I want to complete and learn this year. Our house has been coming back into order after all the work so I can begin to focus that energy on developing skills πŸ™‚

still need to hang the mirror up but this is a look at our bedroom ☺️

My phone has been largely just tucked away out of sight. After many years of working on untangling myself from social media addiction, I’ve found my happy medium. It comes down to going a week or so not logging on and then when I do, to spend a very little amount of time on it. So I apologize if I don’t respond quickly on there or if I just seem very absent. In truth, I am absent and very, very content about it! Liberating is a good word to describe how it feels πŸ™‚ If you’re more interested in this journey and how I managed it, I’d be happy to write a post about how to disconnect. Like most good things, it takes time.

Finding so much joy making little fingerless mittens using the tiny leftovers that I have from Lett Lopi. I really don’t like wasting things (I’m assuming my Irish potato famine/Highland Clearance ancestry informed this part of my personality but I find it really rewarding!).
Salmon Rivers on Prince Edward Island – there is a lot more to PEI than beaches (although, I do love the beaches).

And so, disconnecting from online has given me so much more energy and time to devote to other things! I have a lot of projects that I will share with you.

Currently, I’m working on the above sock pattern. I am really loving these – they are so cozy! Knit with local Belfast Mini Mills sock yarn. I think the brown pair will go up in the shop when I get the pattern up as well. I knit a blue and gold pair but completely altered the pattern. I have plans to knit 2 more pairs before getting the pattern finalized and posted – both of which will be black as the main colour since I am still working on using my stash wool rather than buying (although I’m not actively not going to buy wool this year).

I also recently invested in a good scanner so that I can more easily make prints for the shop! This has been a huge obstacle to getting my art in the shop so finally, no excuses. The 2 drawings below have been sent away for archival GiclΓ©e prints. They should arrive in a couple of weeks (last time I ordered from them, it took a month so I will update when they are available in the shop). I’m so excited about this and have a couple of drawings on the go to create more. I’ll share more on those in my next Blog Update πŸ™‚

A medieval spinning & distaff girl original drawing and a fox with the moon. Both the originals will go up in the shop as well as prints in the coming weeks (the fox is spoken for)
Medieval Spinner Cards – made from a stamp I carved on the first day of 2021. I was so surprised and super pleased by how well these did in the shop so recently got the supplies to create some more packs!

My collection of linen fabric is also increasing. I’m torn at the moment over what to make. When I look up paper patterns that I like, they are so expensive and with shipping.. I just don’t really want to spend over 50 dollars on a paper pattern. So, I’m starting to watch videos and learn about using digital patterns. On our coffee table right now is 20 printed pages that once all taped together, is this dress pattern. It will be a good practice run I think and if it works out well, a pretty dress to have πŸ™‚ If you’ve ever printed out a pattern at home and have any tips, please do tell me as I’m a total novice! I’m really intimidated by just piecing together the pattern >.<

First book started in 2021 – “The Razor’s Edge” by Somerset Maugham. I love books written in the mid 20th century and he is such a good writer!

A Few hours latter…

I set aside my blog to get out for a walk while the sun rose. It was minus 9 degrees Celsius but without a breath of wind so not too cold. As I drove up to the trail, I passed a massive eagle sitting in a tree, so still and majestic! I always strain my neck to get a look at birds when I’m driving, marveling at how large eagles are! There were fresh snow mobile tracks for us to happily walk on without sinking into the snow. It was a very nice way to start the day, all fresh and new – much like the moon tonight!

When I was driving home, I couldn’t believe it but the eagle was sitting in the exact spot!

Winter Walk this morning – with my mitts and my parka on the ground so I could took a photo in my sweater πŸ˜›

I’ll leave you with a couple of videos I took of our walk the other morning ❀

I hope you take time for yourself this week!

Gently falling snow where I walk Henry
Henry enjoying life at the trail<3

12 thoughts on “New Moon Update

  1. I love the free patterns from Fabrics Store! I’ve made the Noor dress and the Clara blouse, both of which are great (although the Noor dress has A LOT of gathering, I’m going to reduce that next time I make it).

    I find myself spending more and more time online now that I’m furloughed. It’s mostly Instagram and Youtube, which I can watch while knitting, but I’d much rather be listening to an audiobook than scroll through social media. It’s just so addicting, I can’t convince myself to listen to a book instead!

    Also thank you so much for sharing your little snowy videos. I’ve not experienced snow for several years, ever since moving to the UK, and it’s so lovely to see it again!


    1. Thanks Emma!

      Do you have any tips on putting together the patterns? I just have it sitting there but I would really love to start working on them.

      I’ll check out those items too from the Fabric Store – they have a lot of really nice things. I was raised with a lot of like Simplicity and McCall patterns so am really just exposing myself to the world of digital patterns πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

      And I know, it’s such a vicious cycle with social media or youtube or whatever. I watch TV basically every day to accompany knitting. Knitting leaves so much of your brain to run wild so it’s really a good thing to watch something at the same time. I find though that my mind is more settled if I choose a show or a movie over youtube.

      I’m happy you liked my little videos πŸ™‚ ❀


  2. I taped mine together at work where we have a massive table, otherwise I’d recommend clearing a big space on the floor. I had to cut a lot of the papers to make sure the markings lined up, but I read somewhere that you can just cut the corners so will try that next time. I taped them together row by row before assembling, and then when I cut it out I made sure that all joints where taped well so it wouldn’t flop about. I think you can then fold the pattern up when you’re finished with it, but I’m lazy so I’ve rolled mine and secured it with a hair tie πŸ˜…

    The Clara blouse is super comfy! It’s a relaxed fit so I’d size down, especially because the neckline is quite wide. I really loved hand sewing on the bias tape, it really added that ‘home made’ feeling. I want to make another Noor in some dark navy linen, and I’m thinking about adding lace (possibly hand knit but we’ll see!) to the neckline. I’d also recommend using their tutorial on how to add pockets, no dress is complete without them!

    Emma X


  3. Such a sweet post. I have eliminated two of the big three social media sites. I really want to remove myself from the last. I will miss the people who inspire my knitting, but I can find them elsewhere online. I often think of the wasted time; time I could spend knitting!! Your work is beautiful. I am envious of the eagle sighting; they are one of my favorite birds of prey. I have to be in nature every day. If I am unable to take my walk or sit out in the yard, I feel it deep in my soul.


  4. Lovely photos, of both the snowy landscape and your artwork! I always enjoy reading a new post from you.

    I’ve used a few digital sewing patterns – I have to say I generally prefer paper ones as I find printing and taping all the pieces together a bit tiresome. But as long as you make sure you line the edges up nicely and tape them securely, you’ll be fine πŸ™‚ Once I’ve assembled all the sheets, I trace each pattern piece onto tracing paper (I tend to use greaseproof or baking paper as it comes on a nice long roll) instead of cutting up the assembled, printed sheets. This means you can preserve a copy of the pattern with all the different sizes intact, in case you need it in future.


  5. I’ve decided to untangle myself from Instagram this year. When I look at my screen time report, I get pretty horrified. I would love a post on how you went about it.


  6. I also trace patterns ( I use wax paper) in case I want to make them again in a different size, or so I can modify them without losing the option of the original pattern. For patterns with small pieces, like toys or doll clothes, I cover the back with duct tape before I cut them out so they are easier to trace and hold up to pinning, but still flexible. I make my own patterns for small wool felt animals and then store them in envelopes for reuse. I make two copies, one to keep intact and one to cut out, and keep them together in a binder. Very satisfying!


  7. Nice to see you in this space and I love the balance you’ve struck. As one commenter said — when I looked at my Instagram daily use average I was horrified. Other than blogging that’s really my only social media platform but I can do so much more with the time I spend mindlessly scrolling there. Thanks for showing that it can be done. Happy New Year to you and yours ❀


  8. I love to read your blog posts Julia (although I should be working right now). It is like having a big, relaxing breath in the middle of a stressful day. So refreshing and calming all at once. I hope your are doing well πŸ™‚

    ❀ Camilla


  9. I am new to your blog posts and am hooked! I love your part of the country, your outlook, your passions for creativity and the outdoors. I would love a post, when you have time, on finding that balance with social media. A new fan!!!


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