New Year in Atlantic Canada

Happy New Year!

I hope you’re all well and escaped 2020 relatively unscathed, ready to move positively throughout the next solar cycle. Embrace the immediate, simple joys that surround us, no matter how small.

For the first time since I was a teenager, I chose not to do my year ahead tarot spread. I chose not to make a resolution list. I didn’t write all the goals and things I wish to do for the new squeaky clean year ahead. Last December when I sat down to do my year ahead tarot spread (along with all my lists and goals) – I thought it was such an odd reading. Despite thinking it must be way off the mark, I wrote it down. April, the Death card – why would I get the death card? Now of course in hindsight, it makes eerie sense. I accepted that we can’t control our lives and no matter how many lists and tarot readings I do, it’s better to just be, live in the moment and stop trying to shape things. It feels like liberation in a sense.

Late yesterday afternoon while the snow slowly started to blow in from the South – I light lighting a candle in the kitchen when it’s moody outside. Meaghan gifted me this lovely candle that was handmade in the town I went to Highschool in 😀

I learned so much this year. How to let go, how to be present . Live day to day (which is something I have always wanted to do but my brain was always operating in the past or in the imagined future), to read more books, learn to play an instrument, work in the flow state. To not worry as much because sometimes, things are way beyond our control. And now, we are making plans for our near future that revolve around family and nature. Grandiose fantasies have fizzled out and replaced with more realistic but I think ultimately more meaningful plans.

This morning – the weather was predicting 15 cm and I think we had quite a bit more than that 🙂

So enough of my slightly cryptic writings. Ultimately, I hope everyone is okay and found some kind of silver lining in this past year – maybe you started making bread (I have a friend that’s become a fantastic baker), or started sewing, or found a new found love for getting outdoors.

My carving from New Years Day – a medieval woman using a distaff and spindle. I carved this using paintings from the Medieval period as a reference. It’s very simple but I love the blocky woodcut look indicative of early woodcuts.

I have been carving out time each day to work with my artwork and knitting, all my creative endeavours. I love sinking into the flow state that captures me while I draw, paint, carve or sew. Over the next couple of months, I plan to have quite a few new prints and paintings in the shop. I go through phases with creativity, sometimes I dedicate hours to learning to play mandolin, sometimes it’s that I can’t stop drawing. Other times, I don’t touch my pencils for months and am never without a knitting project. I’m currently teetering on a drawing phase – while working on a drawing of medieval women, I decided to try to carve a medieval spinner. The shop has a couple of the cards if you are interested 🙂 I really like her for her similarity to Medieval woodcuts.

I don’t really want to give away too much about future projects but I have plans to make some medieval inspired clothing for the shop, some quartz necklaces, some prints and original paintings as well as some more Icelandic sweaters accompanied with getting that pattern up. My year of not spending any money on wool is up so I’ll be placing an order soon to finish my current Pangur Ban sweater and then the pattern (finally – yes I know, it’s been way too long)!

Oh Petey ❤ in my work space with the plants and light from the West
The last of my 2020 knits – Floral Mitts mailed out to the States just before the New Year

Yesterday, Jamie and I drove to the north shore to go walking in Greenwich National Park. I don’t know why, but I always assume when we go out to a place to walk, that there will be tons of other people. We got out there and were the only souls on the beach along with the sea birds and foxes. It was so beautiful – we walked down a long road with berry bushes and spruce to the boardwalk over the dunes that brought us to the foam swept beach. Henry loves running by the ocean 🙂 We bought some free-range eggs out there and drove in the snow.

The snow picked up and we must have around a foot of now out there today. The first proper snowfall since last winter. I made us quiche lorraine (delicious if you are looking for a new recipe) while watching the snow stick to the windows. In the evening, we had our FIRST fire in around 6 weeks because Jamie has finished up the basement renovation! We still have a few more things to do but last night, we had a fire and played a game Jamie’s sister gifted us called Sequence. Jamie and I both love games – we can just put music on and play games by the fire for a whole evening – card games or board games.

We’ve been so busy updating our house – this 150 year old bedroom of ours has new drywall and freshly painted walls after – who knows how long! It’s so refreshing to be in now and I love how my quilt brightens up the space.
Couldn’t help but photograph these little prints in the show this morning 🙂
Last Lopi Mittens that I made in 2020 – shown here with a beautiful lace shawl my mom made me and on one of my favourite quartz points that I found while crystal hunting in NS that Jamie turned into a necklace for me ❤ We are going to make a few of these for the shop if anyone is interested in wearing a small piece of magical Nova Scotia.
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
The coolest piece of beach glass found on the North Shore by Jamie – it’s fairly large, fits in the palm of your hand and is concave with bubbles in the glass. I love the colour contrast with my rose quartz 🙂 One of the many reasons I love living by the ocean
One of the major renovations that Jamie spent many hours on was the basement – we had an old carpet down there and he put in new flooring . We haven’t been down here for around 6 weeks and finally we had a fire with the new floor for the first time yesterday – the cats and Henry are so happy to be down here in the warmth again (as are we!).

Petey has chosen this is the best time to sit in my lap, when it’s being shared by a computer 😀 So I will leave you here. I wanted to write just a little update because it’s been so long and if you are interested, will update soon with what my creative projects have been.

Sincerely hope you’re doing well. If things are difficult, please find someone to talk to – things will get better. Sometimes we’re behind, sometimes we’re ahead.

Love to the moon, Julia

Leaving you with one of my favourite songs by Heilung – I often put this on to drive or get lost in meditative flow – Love Heilung ❤

9 thoughts on “New Year in Atlantic Canada

  1. Hello Julia! What a lovely surprise to find your post in my inbox! So happy to hear you are living in the moment. It is the only place to BE and is the natural way of the heart ❤️. Allow life to unfold before you without activating one’s mind, for it wants to linger in the past or fret over the future. Lovely photos. Lovely works of one’s hands (yours, your mum’s, and Jamie’s). A medieval woman with drop spindle and distaff in hand. That sums it up for me! And your sweet kitties 🐱 always bring a smile to my face.


    1. And how appropriate your new carving/cards as January 7th is Rock day, also called St Distaff’s Day. The distaff, or roc, used in spinning was the medieval symbol of woman’s work. It was the day that they picked up their spindles again to spin fibers after a long holiday break. I try to remember to do a bit of spinning on this day to honor all those women who spent their days spinning thread and yarn out of absolute necessity.


  2. Oh Julia, my heart always skips a beat out of joy when I see a new blog post from you! I love your photos and the updates on your thoughts and what you´ve been up to. The mix of life and crativity, nature, cats and dogs, gardening and so on, is just the perfect mix for me to get lost in ❤ So a big thank you for sending this out in to cyberspace from time to time; for me and others to enjoy!


  3. Happy new year, Julia! Always so lovely to “hear” what you’ve been up to. I’m a little bi jealous of all that snow, even though I know our mediterranean plant friends wouldn’t be so happy about that!
    xxx Cat


    1. Hi Cat!

      Thanks for stopping by 🙂

      I would be so sad for your Mediterranean plants if you experiences this much snow!! It’s very nice of you to consider them first before wishing snow upon you guys :P!!

      I hope you’re well!

      Julia xo


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