Snow Moon, Embroidery, Natural Remedies

Madly enjoying outside, in the back of house!  Fields – Trees and a river ❤

Hello My Full Moon snowy friends!!

How are you all!

It’s a beautiful sunny day here in beautiful Prince Edward Island.  Or, I could describe it as a frozen fortress.  Everything is encased in ice after the storm we had this weekend.  It’s a sparkling land of rolling hills glittering in the elusive sun and the red squirrels, bald eagles and red foxes all make my heart sing.

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The sun setting in the west, casting a gold glittering light on our old house (and henry of course). 🙂

I wanted to write a tiny update. A tiny update it will be.  For what has passed?  Jamie is sick with the flu – I have a wrist that has decided that knitting is not an option.  So I have been both making ginger/lemon teas and healthy feasts galore while my restless hands and mind seek other ways of creating – drawing, carving, embroidery, baking bread.  Last summer, I felt distraught over my wrist, however,this winter I feel only gratitude.  I am finally embracing a well rounded way of life that involves so many different facets that form a good life!  Making your own bread, tending a fire, keeping an old house, making food, making clothing, drawing foxes upon foxes (a necessity, yes?).  The moon is full tonight and I am happy.  I hope you are too 🙂

I just have a few photographs to share with you of what I’ve been up to this weekend ❤  Sending as much of the positive Full moon energy that I can to you all :D\)

Vintage Tea
Garlic braid
Garlic that I grew last year – I love to braid them after I pull them from the ground!  Sadly, I didn’t grow any garlic this year because of time constraints but happily, my mom did!
Feb 9th
Cooking with lots of garlic lately for Jamie’s flu
sleeping Pangur
“Dining” room morning ❤  Books, candles, embroidery and the only place I have for my sewing machine
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Walks – Henry and I have an hour long trek  around the river – meeting old gods in the form of uprooted trees.
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
Where I learn to embroider
This little old home where we dwell ❤
Pangur Ivy
This English Ivy was not enjoying the winter Home i chose for it, So i decided to move it to Pangur’s benchside bed which gets sunlight ❤  Pangur is a little confused but I think he’ll be okay
Practicing some embroidery on scraps from my dress
Hand embroidery!  I have wanted to embroider clothes that I made forever – so let’s do this 🙂
embroidery julia
Just an alien learning to live in this world
The other side ❤
a handmade bag for embroidery floss – feeling very proud indeed over something so simple

I hope you enjoyed these few photos!  The light is fading and although it’s -15 C at this time, I want nothing more to wrap myself up in all of my warm clothes and dance with Henry in the snow 😀  Leaving you with some of the music that’s been accompanying making bread in the kitchen, dear old Brian Jonestone Massacre ❤











9 thoughts on “Snow Moon, Embroidery, Natural Remedies

  1. Hi Julia! So glad you are finding presence, balance and joy in the simple things of life. Feels so good and right doesn’t it? I noticed The Forest Lover on your dining table. I read that years ago and loved it. I’ve read some other books by Susan Vreeland – especially liked The Girl in Hyancith Blue.

    You ended up with the ice and I ended up with the snow in this most recent storm. Yesterday and today were lovely sunny days though. Thank you for sharing your enthusiasm for Life.

    And I love the embroidery details. When I was much younger I used to embroider some of my clothing, but life became busy and stitching was set aside for many years. A few years ago I began embroidering my clothes again. Glad you are pursuing this same dream to personalize your clothing.

    Sending healing energies to Jamie! Sweet Blessings in this Full Moon 🌕 energy!


    1. Hi Bonnie!

      It has taken me some time to revisit my blog and I apologize for how long!

      I’m happy to hear that you really liked the Forest Lover! I will look into Vreeland’s other books. I am enjoying it very much and find Emily Carr incredibly inspiring although I have only been able to squeeze in a couple of pages a night so it is taking me awhile. I miss the days where I use to devour a book in a weekend :\

      Thanks so much for all your kind words, I really hope winter is being kind to you. Today, it is minus 16 Celsius! It’s freezing but blue so there is always a silver lining.

      I have been drawing many, many foxes in preparation for the fox drawing for your dear grandchild and hope very much that you will like it 🙂 I hope there is no time frame on this dear fox!

      Many Blessings and Peace ❤


  2. Love your embroidery! It’s the perfect finishing touch to your beautiful dress. Your necklace is also perfect with it, especially for a full snow moon, and very magical-looking. Sorry to hear about your wrists and Jamie’s flu, though. Hope you are both healed soon. Your bread looks delicious!


    1. Thanks so much Valerie ❤

      We ended up both having the flu which really derailed SO much! Luckily, he was mostly recovered when the fever hit me so we could take care of eachother.

      I hope Isabelle's wedding was beautiful – wishing her and her husband all of the best in the world! An imbolc wedding is so magical ❤


  3. This post!! Can I come over?? Nothing makes me want to cozy in and cook and bake and knit. I wish I had a fireplace or wood stove in my home. I too spend my early morning hours with candle light and my dog. Your photos are beautiful.


  4. I love your attitude of appreciating the beauty of the snow and the excuse to cosy up at home with your partner and pets instead of grumbling about the weather, illnesses and injuries. 😊 Having said that, hope you both feel better soon! X


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