Lunar Year

Bird 2
New hand-carved stamps – inspired by Maud Lewis ❤  Featuring a new burro tail I couldn’t help but pick up from the hardware store yesterday >.<


Greetings Earthlings!

Ah Sunday….

It’s pouring rain here at the moment.  I’m sitting cross legged on a sheep skin by the fire.  Henry is soaking wet and curled up beside me.  In fact, I’m also soaking and have even stripped my leggings to just have my bare legs by the flames.

This morning, Jamie and I packed our bags full of kindling, birch bark ,tea and knitting and headed down to the river. It was actually mild, I wore only a large alafoss sweater (and of course pants, socks, etc) but no giant parka to protect from those driving northern winds.  I even packed my latest Lopi Woodland sweater so I could sneak in a row or 2 while out there.  Luckily, the rain hadn’t reached us and we were able to dig out a hole in the snow and make a beautiful fire!  Fire, truly, one of the most beautiful things our earthly sights can behold.  Something that directly links us to our ancestors of old.  Fire, the stars, the ocean… all things that perhaps our myths and knowledge have shifted and changed throughout the years… but sincerely the feeling when observing these beauties, can only point to wonder and awe.  To our smallness in the universe but also our integral part.

These are the type of moments that I live for.  Seeing four Canadian Geese soar along the river. Henry speedily chasing the crows.  A distant joyful creature dancing along the river with the black wings swooping to and fro.  I told Jamie that I think she loves the crows and he responded that he thinks she hates them!  Ha, there are always a number of ways of looking at life I suppose.

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Messy photo – taken today before the rain – with the mild temperatures by a treeline and before us (it’s hard to tell) the frozen river by our home on the island.

Woodland Mitten

Small project – Woodland Mittens – made with all my tiny leftovers of lopi.  The pattern will be available in the shop soon 🙂

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Petey and Pangur have been cuddling more and more lately ❤  They have an on / off relationship
Woodland progress
Latest Knits ❤  For a  beautiful soul in the North
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Latest Knits and some of my artwork
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Sewing Corner… (i.e. our dining room) I think every room in our house has my creative endeavors slightly taking over


And… I thought I would hold off to share my sewing until I had made my dress in yet another colour but I wore it today down to the river and can’t help myself! This is the Bella Dress by Tessuti Fabric based in Australia.  I LOVE this pattern, it’s a simple linen tunic, with pockets (serious plus in my books).  I am in love with medieval style clothing and have been bookmarking dresses that I would like to make when I finally have my own sewing machine. This was one of the top dresses.  So… here it is!  What do you think?  It’s the first garment I have ever sewn on my own.  It’s fairly simple with a little bit of a finicky neckline but I’m sure if you’re an experienced sewer… it’s super simple.

My Mom has made me clothes for my entire life.  I finally invested in my own machine and decided to tackle a life long dream of mine – creating a wardrobe inspired by the medieval period (Medieval Modern?).  My intention is to do a little bit of extremely simple embroidery along the neckline (I’ll save this for another day).  It feels so rewarding to wear clothes that not only you made on your own but also that suits your heart.  Since clothes are just so darn trendy, I’ve never really gravitated toward clothes that you buy in the store.  But, finally now I can have the wardrobe I’ve always wanted.  Linen dresses… tights and some handknit sweaters and socks :).  I’ll post a lot more about this pattern and the making of it when I complete the black one and all the embroidery I have planned!

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My Bella Dress!  Medium Weight Linen!
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Bella Dress!
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Henry, my love can disrupt any photo, I really don’t mind!
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True love

And.. it’s late afternoon.  Jamie is playing Total War, Medieval 2 and I’m listening to medieval inspired music while my legs are beginning to burn.  A friend (@toosmalltofail_ on instagram) of mine that shared our punk/goth teenage years and who simultaneously loves art, medievalism, nature and all things strange sent me this today).  It is perfect:

“No matter what anybody tells you, words and ideas can change the world.”  John Keating The Dead Poet’s Society


8 thoughts on “Lunar Year

  1. Hi Julia!

    The dress suits you so well! You look beautiful! It is so good that you choose what you like instead of just buying whatever is in fashion. Clothes usually last longer that way, and you get to choose fabrics. I think that most difficult part with buying clothes now is that so many clothes are made from mixed fabrics. I used to dream about making my entire wardrobe myself too. And I started the project, but then I sort of didn’t know what I really liked. So until I figure that out, the project is on hold.

    But I DO want to knit some of your lovely patterns. ❤

    It always makes me feel good to read your blog, Julia. Even if I sometimes spend a lot of time away from SM, this is a good place to come back to. Thank you ❤


  2. I agree with Camille, the dress suits you, Julia! Not only do you look adorable, but you seem very at ease with yourself in it. That’s a sign that you’ve found your own personal style. I also love the rusty coppery color.

    I, too, have always had a desire to make my own wardrobe. My great-great grandmother was trained as a couturier in Germany. She then trained her own daughter, my great-grandmother, Suzanna. She could merely look at you, take a couple measurements and then sketch out a pattern on newsprint paper. She instinctively knew what style would be best for a person. Many women sought her out to create their entire wardrobes.

    I know I have those genes in me. It’s why I’ve had this burning desire to create my own clothes. I’ve not sewn much over the years, but have rather designed some of my own knits. The timing of this post about linen though is interesting, for I have been thinking of getting my sewing machine out to create a linen dress or tunic. I have some lovely linen waiting to be made up into something. Just need to decide what and maybe look for the right pattern. I too love the medieval style clothing, among other long ago styles.

    “Linen dress…tights, and some handknit sweaters and socks”. We are two peas in a pod on this. I would also add wool leggings and linen or wool tunics and some maybe hemp clothing too. Linen and wool are my go-to’s and I am gradually weaning my wardrobe of everything else.

    Your blog always lifts my spirits. And today I needed lifting. Thank you. Now to go order those new cards. I have many thank you notes to write and your cards are what I turn to.


  3. Love that dress. Simple lines and that colour is amazing. I have been thinking about taking up sewing. My mother is a fantastic quilter but her sewing machine scares the heck outta me. So many functions. I tried really hard to understand sewing and the machines we used in Home Ec. class so many years ago but failed miserably. I was wondering what kind of machine you use or would recommend. What to look for.

    I love knitting and your knits are so beautiful. I really like your lifestyle and your life outlook. I aspire to the way you live. Enjoying the moments given us.



  4. Great job on the dress! I used to try to make my clothes~ I think I managed just one dress and a few tops, but I never got comfortable with my sewing machine. Now I wish I had taken a class or something….


  5. Love the dress and your music selection. Was lucky enough to see Jordi Savall and Hesperion XX1 perform live a few years ago. A concert I’ll never forget.


  6. Congratulations on your beautiful new dress. I too have decided to give sewing a try and have requested a machine for my birthday this month. I can’t wait to dive into making my own linen clothes to pair up with my handknitted sweaters. Coincidentally I came across the music of Jordi Savall last fall while we were staying in Montepulciano – one of the beautiful medieval hilltowns in Tuscany. It was serendipitous to stumble onto his music in such a place. Now I listen to his music all the time.


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