January’s Beginning

Henry by the river – later this evening, the alder were so heavily laden with snow that we couldn’t pass them

“Come, ye cold winds, at January’s call,
On whistling wings, and with white flakes bestrew
The earth.”
–  John Ruskin



One of my beloved months.  For its stillness, thick blankets of snow, snow storms, crystal clear night skies and lengthening days.  January exists in my memory as a dream, shrouded in a haze once it has passed.  What did I do during that seemingly eternal stretch of cold, short days?  The sun embracing each day a little longer. It anchors our subconscious and allows us to delve into those inner depths.  I love this time of year. When your an introvert and relish reading, knitting, starting fires, drinking hot drinks, drawing, journaling and holding onto the hope of spring (i.e. planning a garden), this is truly a sacred time.

In addition to all of these reasons – there is this gleaming hope for a new start.  New ideas, new and revived you!  I believe this energy significantly shapes why I love this month.  I wonder if you do too?

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset
Workroom at the turn of the new year – My mom crocheted the piece that hangs in the window (it’s from a Victorian replica from the book “Romantic Crochet” and the pieces are Old Fashioned Christmas ornaments)
Icelandic Handknit Pattern – Woodfolk design and knit by Meaghan 🙂 These will be up in the shop

Today was the type of day that I live for.  If I could choose my favourite types of days throughout the year the first, would be a good snow storm (followed by warm spring days and crisp fall days).  Some years I feel cheated by winter.  How dare you not give us more snow! But, to be content all I need is a day like today with the flakes falling consistently leaving us stranded in our homes, trees heavily weighed by the wet snow.   It was wonderful!  I packed a thermos of green tea, my knits for the shop, a camera and headed out to see a transformed world.  One where magic undoubtedly underlines every living and inanimate being.

I get so excited during snow storms that I can hardly decide what I want to do.  Staying inside is often not an option (unless it’s a blizzard…), the problem of course being that we can’t go that far.  So this morning, Merlin, Henry and I walked out to the lake.  We then set out for the spruce woods.  I stopped at the house leaving my phone behind so not to be distracted by how many photographs I take when I use it!  I find that when I bring my phone, I don’t engage with the environment as much as when I just use my camera.  Jamie gifted me with a new lens this Christmas so I’ve really been enjoying taking photographs.   You don’t take anywhere near as many and put more thought into what you engage with through your lens.  Not only that but not having that constant link to the outside world is so therapeutic.

Walking to the lake this morning
Spruce tea – We pick a few sprigs of spruce and release the oils into hot water – it’s delicious and tastes like Christmas.  Good for Respiratory Health.

After walking through the woods, we stopped in a clearing.  In this clearing we have some handmade benches and a fire pit.  I didn’t attempted to start a fire today but rather just stood in the clearing, drinking the entire thermos of tea (so grateful for it at that moment – it was pretty cold!) and watching the snow drift slowly from the tops of the spruce.  It was so beautiful.  I could have stayed there all day if I had a bottomless thermos.  I took a few photographs for Etsy using the woodpiles and some fallen spruce trees from Hurricane Dorian.  But alas, it was really cold and my Mom actually managed to meet up with me in the clearing to go for a walk.  So off we went!

Along spruce woods, alder thickets, still berry bushes down to the river.  Once back inside, I actually sat down to get all of the listings together.  We just have a couple of items going up that were knit by Meaghan and Mom.  We have nothing in stock after this so I am excited to look toward finishing many, many projects.  They are beginning to pile and my ideas are just flowing.  In a lot of ways, it’s a very exciting time 🙂

The path to the river – the alders form this beautiful walkway, weighed down heavily with snow
Out to the woods
Star Mittens, Local Island wool and up on the shop!
Processed with VSCO with a6 preset
They really wanted to go right back inside 😀
Black Fingerless Icelandic Mitts – Handknit by Meaghan.  I photographed them in the snow and they were so striking.
This morning by the lake!  I was an extremely happy elf ^.^

Thanks for joining me on my walks throughout this very snowy day!  I really feel so incredibly grateful when I’m walking through the woods, disconnected from everything.  Watching the chickadees and crows flying lopsided in the wind.  Pure contentment can be found from just getting outside and embracing the environment that you find yourself in.

I’m off before the power goes out!  The lights are flickering and the wind is fierce!

Very Blessed New Year and all the best for your revival ❤

Fun Colourful socks in the snow 🙂

“In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan,
Earth stood hard as iron,
Water like a stone;
Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
Snow on snow,
In the bleak midwinter,
Long ago.”
–  Christina Rossetti

5 thoughts on “January’s Beginning

  1. Julia your pictures are beautiful! I’m so jealous of the weather you’re having. Massachusetts has barely had any snow, any storm coming through it’s just rain 😢 I can’t be too sad, I just purchased myself a new pair of rain boots, but I do wish we’d get a good storm and a day or 2 off work (wishful thinking).
    Happy New Year to you and your loved ones. Can wait to see what kind of projects you share for 2020! Enjoy your tea, and beautiful winter walks! ❄️


  2. Wow! Thank you for taking us into your magical world, I almost felt I was walking with you!! snow is my absolute favourite weather condition, so enchanting & mesmerising, just like being in Narnia!
    Your photographs are captivating & the way you paint a picture with your words is truley exquisite! 😘


  3. Happy New Year, Julia! I love that quote from John Ruskin and In the Bleak Midwinter is my favorite! Oh how I too love the winter – a time to go deep “inside” even as one ventures outside into the brisk and beautiful elements of nature. Tea, knitting, journaling, silence and meditation, journeying into one’s soul. Such bliss! We’ve had occasional blasts of snow with very mild, “snow melting” temperatures in between. We had a green Christmas. Yesterday we did get some snow and today a dusting again. Fortunately it is to remain cold enough to keep the little dusting with the potential of a bit more this week. We shall see. The weather people haven’t been too accurate so far. Just goes to show you can’t plan nor control nature! I like your idea of only taking the camera and leaving the phone at home. I will try that now that John is gone and I have possession of his camera. He was the picture taker in our house, while I merely used my phone. Blessings as the light gently increases, warming our bodies and soul.


  4. Beautiful snowy photos! We haven’t had much snow here yet, but it is starting to snow tonight and I love it! Love the new mittens and Icelandic flower mitts in the shop…and now out of the shop so quickly! Oh… and I just noticed in your shop…1000 sales! Congratulations!


  5. Happy New Year! What a wonderful contribution with the great photos!!! Makes me jealous! Unfortunately we have no snow, it is unusually warm and always very grey and gloomy. It makes me feel very melancholic, but I occupy myself with beautiful things like reading, listening to audio books, a lot of knitting and have many new ideas in my head. I am also planning the planting of our two raised beds in the garden. My husband has built me a device with which I can draw my first salad and other delicacies very early on. I am already looking forward to this ☺️
    Ellen xo


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