Blackberry Mittens & Mid Winter

Maroon & Grey.  These still require a wash and a block so they will be up in the shop next week!
Tray of mittens
Tray of favourite things ❤


Hope all is well and happy in your realm Fae-folk and Creatives!  If you’re feeling down, that things will turn around soon.

It’s been a messy Fall and a mid-January kind of December.  One of those, I blinked and it’s almost gone kind of times.  On the cusp of new ideas and new promise with the coming year.  The coming decade!  I feel like we’re facing some immense change in the years to come but still hold on to that primitive human urge to just pick berries, make simple and practical things.  To stop looking down and look up, up, up at the night sky.  At the tree tops and notice all of the life that we share this earth with.  Embrace that we are all entwined in the dance of  life.

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Pangur and the day

Lately I have been preparing for Christmas, getting our house figured out (this is constant), designing various patterns to release to you, reading, splitting wood, hiking in the cold.  Today, I finally pulled together the pattern for these B L A C K B E R R Y folk mittens!  Yay!  They are a very simple mitten pattern, meant to introduce beginners to working with fairisle and to promote confidence working with 2 colours.  🙂  Knit on 3.75 mm DPN and local 2 ply worsted wool (I used Briggs and Little Heritage but can easily be substituted for any similar weight wool).

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Picking with what I have available if I don’t go out with the intent of picking berries – you can see this plant is just laden with berries!

Named after one of my favourite plants on the planet – blackberries.  Every August, I start regularly watching the progress of different blackberry plants.  We have them along the farm fields, on the Confederation trail, and along the forest roads in my most frequented hiking/running spot on the island.  Some years, the plants rest and don’t produce berries, while other years, you could pick cups and cups and still leave enough for the whole forest and any other eager berry picker :D.

Currently, our freezer is full of mason jars filled with blackberries that I collected this summer.  I haven’t found that afternoon yet to boil them down but will hopefully before the new year reaches us.  The plants themselves are beautiful with arching (prickly ow) vines and lush green ovate leaves.  The berry is the deepest purple.   The small fairisle pattern that I designed for these particular mittens only hints at a connection between the rich and healthful berries.  Can you spot the similarity?

Brown Large
Never go to the woods in the freezing winter without a canister of hot tea!
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Blackberry Mitts on a snowy day


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A small pair, knit in November before the ice and snow
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Seasonal cards with my handmade stamps and progress
Bound in Wool
BLack Small
I Always make peppermint tea when going out in the freezing cold.  So grateful when I remember what the heavy thing in my backpack is 🙂  It warms you right up and allows you a time to pause, listen and observe the frozen world (rather than walking and staring at your feet for ice!)
100 per cent wool – natural material for cold days, thank you sheep ❤
Thank you for visiting my blog!

The pattern is available in our Ways of Wood Folk Etsy shop!  It comes in 3 sizes: S/ M/ L.  The M/L pair are great for layering over a thing pair of gloves.  I also made a listing for all 3 of my current patterns that are up!  I love creating patterns 🙂

Currently I’m working on getting the Pangur Ban sweater ready for purchase.  I have a rust completed and am currently making a large size as well.  My aim at this point will be the end of January for release of the pattern.  Once this pattern is complete, it will be much quicker and easier for me to get out Olwyn and Woodland, both of which I intend to release in the winter of 2020.  It’s amazing to me that I designed these now 4-5 years ago!  I really go at a snail’s pace but that is okay 🙂  I still receive requests for patterns I designed ages ago so will really be working hard so that if I decide to go into a different realm than knitting – at least others can knit the designs and they won’t be lost to eternity (at least for  a wee bit)!

BlackBerry Mitt2jpg
With Mother Moss
Blackberry Mittens
Blessed winter and new year to you ❤

12 thoughts on “Blackberry Mittens & Mid Winter

  1. Even though I was sad to hear your book project fell through, I’m incredibly excited to see that you are going ahead with releasing your beautiful designs.


    1. Thanks so much Nicole ❤ ❤ my hope is that someday another book project will come my way, maybe one where I have more creative control! I really believe that all things happen for a reason.

      Thanks so much for supporting the shop as well ❤ Since I forgot to bring my cards (except for my mitt orders), I'll send you an extra set for the wait 🙂


  2. I need to try these after I do some more practice mittens. Love your blog, it inspired me to pick up knitting about a year ago as a way to keep my hands busy.


    1. Thanks Mikaela!

      The mitten pattern is actually very simple 🙂 I made it with those in mind that are just wanting to begin to dabble with knitting with 2 colours. I hope you will enjoy making them and let me know if you have any questions 🙂

      I understand completely the urge to work with your hands 🙂 It’s a constant for me!


  3. Again a wonderful contribution with such beautiful photos. Your gloves look nice and warm and I like the pattern very much!
    I wish you a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year, Ellen xo


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