Icy Fields under a Super Moon

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Home in the snow and ice –

Good Super moon to you!  Our house was illuminated all through the night.  A brilliant silver light reflecting off the ice covered fields.  Winter full moons are beautiful, they harbour hope and well being.  You could walk in the woods and not lose your way.

Everything on PEI is covered in ice.  Jamie and I scoped out a couple of perfect skating rinks naturally formed in the dips of the field.  Nothing really makes me feel more Canadian than skating under a big, cold sky in barren farm fields.

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Thrummed Mitts for my Mom
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Pangur looking Dashing
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Hidden Trail at the edge of a farm field and some very happy dogs

Anyway!  I am writing to you today with some intent.  To just update and share a little bit.  This past month has been one of those that slips away and you can’t really grasp what you’ve accomplished.  How you felt or what you did.  Maybe in a lot of ways that is a good thing?  I have felt for the most part, happy and whole.  Knitting, drawing, trying to keep my balance.  I’ve been listening to a lot of Alan Watts and Terence McKenna on Youtube.  They have really helped with my meager meditative practice.  To find happiness and peace in the most simple of daily tasks.  Filling the wood box, sipping tea, staring at the stars.   Much of what I gain from these talks is our innate ability to be happy through simply letting go of our ego and embracing the universe.  Much more easily said than  done, but I feel like they are supporters and teachers in this quest!

With letting go, I can paint.  I can participate without anxiety and fear.  I can feel content with my main task of a day being doing laundry, keeping the fire going.  With finding time to focus on breathing in and out. Repeat.

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Painting from a picture, thinking about Van Gogh
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Thinking of Andrew Wyeth while taking this picture.  We walked along the frozen river to get to otherwise difficult spots
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Sunlight worshipers  – our happiest place in a sun patch or the glow of a fire ❤
Tea Hill Beach – So icy
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A gifted Shetland sweater and the beginning of a baby sweater

In the making world, I’ve been mainly working on knits for my family.   A pair of thrummed mittens for my Mom (I’ll share a blog post about those when they are finished!  They are a lot of fun to make and pretty quick 🙂  I’m actually waiting on Briggs and Little right now to receive more roving because my previous ball was thrifted and not complete!).  A tiny, adorable Icelandic sweater for Ronan’s first birthday.  Little foxes and trees, inspired by this small island province.  In the snow, I regularly follow fox prints to and fro.

It is currently being blocked, I will share more photos with Ronan wearing it!  I’m crossing my fingers it will fit and get over his head for the extremely brief time he has left to wear it!

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So quick and so much fun to see coming together!
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All Done!  I finished weaving it in yesterday evening.  It’s now drying after being blocked and I can gift it to my little nephew on his 1st birthday!

My Elven friends, I hope you are happy!!  I’m going to continue to listen to the ice of the river groan and shift while keeping an eye on the sky for the returning geese.  For now, we are graced with hundreds of crows brought in on freezing arctic winds,   I don’t really mind 🙂

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My mind is constantly churning over what else I will make, what colour combinations and designs.  I find the prospect always just so exciting 🙂
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Fairies, Cats and Pinecones ❤


“You are a divine being. You matter, you count. You come from realms of unimaginable power and light, and you will return to those realms.”
― Terence McKenna


11 thoughts on “Icy Fields under a Super Moon

  1. Happy Super Full Moon, Julia! Always a blessing to read your post and see your lovely photos – so calming, refreshing, nurturing. I made a pair of thrummed mitts for my daughter back in 2000, when she was in college in the Berkshire mountains of Massachusetts, where late autumn and winters were cold and snowy. She played rugby in college and her team would train (i.e. run) in the very early mornings. She asked me to make her something to keep her hands warm. Thrummed mitts were the perfect solution! She was the envy of all her teammates.

    So glad to hear that Alan and Terence are resonating with your soul, helping you to live more in the present moment with awareness and joy. Live your life as an artistic expression; live in beauty. In your stature, in your bearing, the way you walk, the way you appear to other people. Are you radiating confidence to them? Are you radiating beauty? Are you radiating the truth that you are divine? What is the sound of your voice in the air? When you write, draw, paint, knit (etc), do you do so in such a way that you convey beauty in your thoughts and actions? One does not have to be an actual artist to do so. We are all artists, no matter what our vocation, or life’s work. This is so important to remember, especially in these chaotic times.

    I can’t believe that your nephew will be celebrating his 1st birthday soon! Where did the year go?!?!? Knitting things for my grandchildren is so joyful, but alas, they do outgrow them quickly.


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    1. Hello Bonnie!

      I am so sorry for the late response. I have been meaning and meaning to, meaning to wish you well on your amazing trip to Iceland! But time and time again, I have been staying away from a computer, a screen. That pull. But I want you to know that I am so appreciative of your words. I always am. I will explain in a post soon. I have not been well at all and I am finally better. It’s been months of not really understanding why I was getting so sick and then an answer and then the solution. I’m happy because I feel like for the first time in months, I can focus on moving forward rather than being sick.

      If you have any other suggestions for spiritual teachers, please let me know! I love listening to anything about meditation and our frequencies. I sense vibrations from most things in nature.

      I love that you knit thrummed mittens too and that your daughter loved them! I finished the pair for my mom and I swear, they would cut your circulation off :S!

      Luck & Light!!



  2. Hi dear Julia!

    Thank you for sharing this, it’s like a piece from a magic world… I like very much the snow, but here in our place the snow it’s already gone from two weeks now, so I enjoyed watching these beautiful pictures.

    The little sweater is very nice and the fox heads are adorable 🙂

    What is your technique of blocking after you finish knitting? Do you block all the sweaters? Can you make a post of this process some time?

    Have a good time and happy knitting!

    P.S.: Can’t wait for the sweater pattern 🙂


    1. Ana,

      Thank you so much for your comment. It is funny, I read your comment and believe it or not, I wrote a blog about blocking my knits! Now, I wrote this blog probably over a month ago! The photographs are filled with snow covered woods. I will publish it perhaps with a photo of my latest blocked mitt as well! It is in honour of your suggestion so look out for it!

      Thank you so much for your kind words!

      Julia xo


      1. You welcome Julia!

        Thank you so much for writing about blocking your knits! Probably, like most of us, you don’t have enough time and it was a little bit of effort to do it, so I appreciate it. I can assure you from now: it will be a great help and inspiration for me! I can’t wait to read it 🙂

        I hope you are recovering well, since you’ve been mentioning in the comments you didn’t feel so good lately. I don’t know if you like this kind of ancient spiritual readings, but for me this touches my soul, and this is why I’m sharing it to you, maybe it helps: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaTpBTfiyYA.

        Worm days and happy knitting!


  3. Dear Julia,

    Your blog posts have kept me company and cheered me up since you started but especially this past year. I’m so glad to see you enjoying the seasons and the gifts they bring.
    Hoping all the best for you in the year to come.

    Hope and happiness


  4. Dear Julia,
    I so loved your post. It touched me and made me smile inside. I too love Winter, and look forward to a pattern post about your nephew’s little sweater.
    Yes, fairies, our animal friends and knitting all so comforting! Be well.


  5. Hi Julia!

    I hope you are well? I enjoyed reading this post so much, even though you wrote it a while back. Thank you for the youtube recommendation. I hope I find time to listen to it. Life has been a bit much lately, but all is well. The sweater for Ronan is SO cute! I hope it fitted him well.

    Much love ❤


    1. Camilla,

      It sounds like both of us perhaps have been up against the world these past few months? I have been sick on and off since October, this past month being the absolute worst. It was a struggle of having fevers and not understanding why I was so sick. Finally, 2 weeks ago I was faced with the definite answer and have been treated. I really, really hope that you are doing better and we are both looking at the coming months with that love for ferns to unfurl and listening to birds sing!

      Hope to speak to you soon!!

      (P.S> Ronan’s sweater did not fit over his head! I had to take it out and redo the neck opening haha!)


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