Draw & Knit

Knitting Socks and Drawing small illustrations!

Good evening!

Another January like day here in the Maritimes.  The fields have been humming with snow mobiles so we have been walking on nicely compact paths :).  The past 2 weeks have been very busy for us here, but now I have a full week to dedicate to making and I couldn’t be more excited!  Especially that the snow will be falling and I will feel so content to nest indoors.

Duir – Gaelic for Oak

Today, I really just wanted to take the time to begin to document a creative project – a small zine about my love for the natural world.  I really want to begin the process of illustrating and writing a children’s book and thought that a simple, self published zine might be a good way to start.  And so,  I would love for you to see the beginning of my zine Duir the Gaelic world for Oak and cognate with our word for door.  A gateway  between worlds.  The Oak, king (or Queen) of the forests with the deepest roots.  Sharing both the above material world and the depths of the soil beneath our feet (conscious vs subconscious perhaps! or Fairy vs Human).

Work space this morning ❤
Sweet companion
Knit, knit, knit and draw beloved plants
Working on the Zine

I have roughly 10-15 small illustrations planned and want it to be my hand writing just like the old school zines.  Perhaps a combination – I’m not really sure.  I also am planning for there to be an emphasis on the magic in the natural world, with small incantations (prayers, spells… whatever you want to call it), folklore and just the general awe that I feel when outdoors.    I feel like.. when I’m drawing a leaf or acorn or something that so many people would probably not think much of – that I am in my absolute element.

I want to share with you how to choose and plant oak trees (I have been doing this for a couple years now!) as well as fun things to look out for in the woods.  How to identify a couple of different mushrooms, animal prints, trees and berries!

November, November at home

The snow is still quite deep and we have flurries in the forecast! I am wishing I had cross country skis here on PEI rather than just at my mom’s house.  But anyway, knitting and drawing will keep me occupied this week!  We are also planning to cozify our basement guest bedroom – I’m hoping whoever will be staying there will be super cozy with fairy lights and just feel hapy  (I’ll post before and after photos later!).

Drawing for my first zine

Today is of course Monday – on Friday (or the weekend), I’ll post another small update on my progress.  Lets see this through :D!  I have so many unfinished projects – if I can see this through until the end, I can definitely tackle that dream Children’s book ❤  I’ll be posting more drawing on my new art account that I swear, I will try to keep posting on @reddy.fox 


Working on these socks still! I decided to reverse the colours for the second sock just to make life a little more interesting and exciting 😀 Petey has the habit of jumping in my lamp when it’s free… he is actually blocking a large amount of drool he left on my jeans!

I hope you all enjoy your week!  Eat something really tasty, listen to enlightening podcast, go for a walk and sit with someone you love (human or otherwise!).

Be Well !


ALSO!  I almost forgot – Our Etsy shop will continue to be on vacation for a little while longer due to the Canada Post Strike.  I’m really not clear on what’s going on at all seeing as I received mail to our house today but I don’t really want to take any risks sending something that we work so hard on to have it stuck in sad mail limbo.  I’ll let everyone know when it’s back up again and who knows, maybe the zine will be ready by then!

7 thoughts on “Draw & Knit

  1. Another beautiful post, Julia! I am looking forward to your zine and really encourage you to write that children’s book. Sensing you light and blessings for manifesting your dreams.
    With our recent snows ❄️ and cold I too have been desiring to hunker down write, knit and weave. This afternoon it was with a cup of pumpkin spice herb tea and knitting on a pair of fingerless mitts for an elderly lady in my yoga class who’s hands get severely cold in class.

    Love ❤️ seeing Petey! We have had a lovely tiger 🐱 hanging around our place recently. I think he wants to adopt us. 😉

    You always select the best music 🎶 to grace us with. 🙏


  2. Your drawings are absolutely beautiful! 😀 I’m also quite envious of the snow – we don’t get any of it here at all, and it makes winter months so very dark. I grew up in Russia where half a year was winter, but the snow makes it so very bright. That’s the one thing that I miss.


  3. Such beautiful drawings for the childrens book, so delicate 🦋
    It delights me that you follow your ❤️ and go for the creativity.
    Now is the best time to get inspired and realize your dreams.
    You inspire me to get going with my own projects too.

    Creativity lead us into flow and the realms in between, letting us in contact with soul and spirit.
    What would we be without it but empty shells with no direction.
    Thank you for the folkmusic 🎻 The lyrics is in swedish, my tongue and Sweden is where I live and write this from. It is a small world. 🌏 So far away and yet so close.
    Tonight the moon here is almost full and has a beautifull halo around it 🌖
    A perfect time for new projects!

    I like to share some swedish folk music with you and maybe you enjoy it as much as I do.

    I wish you Joy 🌳 and I am looking forward to follow the saga of your book.


  4. What inspiring projects. The zine project sounds so lovely. We are also deep in snow here and it is so wonderful to strap on skis and visit the forest cathedral, to then come back home to warmth and coziness. Knitting, tea, furry companions and fairy lights all make winter such a wonderful time.

    Thank you for the beautiful inspiration of your work, and for the always excellent music recommendations. xo


  5. Julia! It’s finally cold in the Carolina’s! We are having a winter storm tonight.
    I am able to wear my mittens! Thank you!


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