Very Rainy Day

Morning of Reading and tea

The day is cold, and dark, and dreary;
It rains, and the wind is never weary;
The vine still clings to the mouldering wall,
But at every gust the dead leaves fall,
And the day is dark and dreary.

(Excerpt from Longfellow’s The Rainy Day)


Sketch of Foxglove and newest mittens, made with PEI wool from Belfast Mini Mills. With the rain and wind today, I will finish this one!

A nesting day.  I am happy because I have today off and can just listen to the wind, the chimes and the pounding rain on the metal roof.  Sometimes, when I choose to stay inside during the day to knit – I feel guilty.  But on days like this, I ignore any sense of duty to the outdoors and my physical body to just drink tea, knit and read.   Even the animals turn from the door when they see that the wind is driving to sleep inside all day.

With so many knitting projects on the go… it’s hard to concentrate!

Despite wanting to stay inside all day, I still get so restless!  It’s much later in the day since I wrote the above and the rain has let up.  We have a vibrant and warm constant wind and I love, love joining the wind.  I feel like I could just be swept up like a leaf and be a fairy in the wind.

Herbal tea from garden and some ginger, fennel, mint and lemon balm

And so… I finished the above mitt! And I feel… like I want to put it away for a little while to just focus on the 2 sweaters that I have going: a Lopapeysa  for the shop and a cropped cable knit for myself in the gold.

My computer is going a little wonky so I am going to post this and go join the wind in rubber boots!

Fire today 

For rainy days ( I could listen to his over and over):

6 thoughts on “Very Rainy Day

  1. I too love joining my energies with the wind 💨 and storm ⛈. We had the storm Monday night and Tuesday. It seems like there is more and more wind these days. Thanks for sharing your cozy contemplations in the midst of storm ⛈. Love the 🔥 and twinkly light, Longfellow’s words and your beautiful work.


  2. Rainy days are my favorite, especially rainy days in the autumn when there is fresh bread baking and a fire crackling. (Your fireplace is beautiful.)


  3. So nice pictures, Julia! I would have stayed in too. Although it is really nice to feel the wind in you back, so strong and supportive. At least that’s what I am thinking on days with a lot of wind. It’s got my back! Like a hand that holds me up. 🙂 A bit silly, but also nice. The wind has never bothered me. (I think it is my west-Norwegian genes).

    I am really excited to see what you are knitting for yourself? 🙂


  4. Your blog and knitting are beautiful. I love rainy days and the wind on the prairie. Like you sometimes I have to bundle up and walk in the weather, whatever it may be at the moment.


  5. I born in October.I love autumn.specially autumn rain… It’s give me peace.your all photos are beautiful..🌼🌼🌼


  6. What a beautiful, inspiring post. I am writing from a hot and windy Cape Town. The cold and snuggling, along with the knitting, sounds glorious.


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