Autumnal Equinox in our Corner

Pumpkin Patch
Happy Fall!  We have been bombarded with the change of seasons with lots and lots of wind and rain.  Last evening, the wind knocked so unexpectedly.  We received news of a tornado in the Ottawa area that did extensive damage and I am in shock for my hometown region.  It’s hard to see the photographs coming out of the area and connect it with the same place.  Hoping above all else that everyone is okay.
The Veg Garden after Garlic Harvest – might be a little wild and out of control this year but look!  Can you see the tiny pumpkin growing in the very front and centre?
Garden Goodness ❤ Different varieties of Tomatoes, fresh herbs and everlasting flowers 🙂
Last year, I shared photos of our harvest.  This year – the weather was SO abnormal that our garden did not do as well.  With the cold and frost in June and the little to no rain in July, our garden did struggle.  We have only really been receiving rain the past week or so.  The heat in July and August was oppressive and don’t get me started on the mosquitoes!  It was generally hard to be out.  This is my favourite time to garden because of the cool weather, the decline in mosquito populations and the bountiful harvest all around. Our first harvest was – garlic!  Now, our garlic did do very well so if I a bemoaning the loss of cucumbers, carrots and squash – well at least we have braids and braids of garlic.  I’m sure we are beyond safe here from any fiends.
Using a Clothes Dryer to dry garlic and Herbs – we ran out of places around the house to hang so this was the best option ❤
Some of the bulbs are very large too so I have lots to replant (although, will plant a much smaller portion than last year ).
Sunflowers for the bluejays
The past two years, I have loved watching the Mammoth Sunflowers grow.  In the fall, blue jays flutter to and fro, screeching to get the oil rich seeds.  This year, I felt beyond lucky because they nested on our property.  I have been watching them all summer ❤  I just felt bad because no where near as many sunflowers came up this year.  There are maybe around 5 right now flowering but luckily our neighbours planted some this year as well so they will not be short of their favourite food (I’m certain they are the reason why they decided to live here!).
My Favourite plant to grow, pumpkins!
As for the pumpkins – they have done very well!  We have about 8 that are doing really well.  I normally just decorate our house with them.  I LOVE pumpkins – I love growing them.  They are such magical plants that have such a life of their own.  This year, I planted them in the compost.  They took over our old chicken coop and actually plowed right through the tomato area.  I love all of the varieties of pumpkin, how unique they are!  We have some miniature white and green ones, big jack o’lanterns, white pumpkins and the type above which I THINK (not sure)is a Cinderella Carriage Pumpkin.  Next year, I think I might be a freak and try to grow a massive Atlantic DIll Pumpkin (Yes!  Giant Pumpkins were “engineered” by a Nova Scotian! One reason why I’m super proud to live in the East Coast 😉  ).
Doodling the plants around! These are the cutest tiny pumpkins that I think grew from seeds collected from some decorative pumpkins we bought from a side of the road pumpkin stand (PEI has MANY!)
Last year, I was SO busy this time of year canning.  This year, I only have some jam, chutney and tomatoes to stew.  We got close to no cucumbers this year.  Thankfully, I did so much work last year that our pantry is still full and I think for sure we will have enough for the next year (I love pickles..).  I will still be able to make Apple/Ginger Chutney so that is wonderful 🙂  And Blackberry/raspberry jam.  Our freezer is full of the berries I slowly collect throughout the summer months. Our stewed tomatoes will probably be closer to 10 bags opposed to last years 45 bags!
Walks in the woods – picking what we can with what we have! This is the reality of be walking in the woods – flannel and a floppy pony tail. Scratches and bleeding from the blackberry bushes !
My favourite road on this island – to the blackberries, bubbling streams and pure magic
Old Apple Tree for Pies
My little oak tree, planted from a seed collected in Ontario and my little child. I just put new wood chips around this little one to build the soil.
Drawing more and more – I started an instagram account for art “!
Okay, the harvest!  It has really only begun.  The planting of the garlic will have to be next month, collecting the dried herbs into glass jars, bringing the dry wood in.  It begins and summer never really happened.  Did it? Noooo… what is a fan and cotton sheets?
A messy garden – my favourite – this foxglove ❤ this dog ❤ I have been feeling very happy
I’m going to work today and then we are having a thanksgiving potluck at a friends.  Next week, I am going away to visit family in Ontario and Quebec.   October is going to be a very, very busy month of travelling so I will likely not be very active at all, although I will try to post on my instagram accounts!   My knitting is just.. well there is so much I am working on and I should really, really start working on ONE thing at a time, yeessh! I hope everyone is safe this equinox and that you have help and someone to lean on if you’re in need ❤
It’s cold again – wool and lattes 
*** The fall just stirs in me my gothy teenage roots – can’t help but listen to The Smiths, Siouxsie Sioux and the Cure ❤ I need to make a mix of these to wander the streets of Toronto next week!

10 thoughts on “Autumnal Equinox in our Corner

  1. I love your little oak tree! I want one for our land but have yet to add one. Oaks are so beautiful and seem to have a life of their own!


    1. They are one of my all time favourite trees, if not my favourite but that is really hard to choose! I grew this one from an acorn – they are surprisingly easy to grow from acorns – just collect the fallen nuts in the fall. Put them in water and the acorns that sink are alive! I put the ones that sink in the fridge for the winter (They need to experience winter just like in nature!) and then plant them in a pot a couple months later! Best of luck!!


  2. Our weather – very much like yours – has impacted our gardens too, Julia. We did experience a bumper blackberry crop though. Our kale and chard are glorious and the winter squashes are coming on very strong. Last year our tomatoes 🍅 had blight, but this year they seem to be doing well. Our onions, broccoli, beets and rutabagas are doing OK too. Unfortunately the beans and all my herbs 🌿 struggled and finally gave up. My calendula patch did not flourish like it did last year. I am disappointed 😞 for this mean no calendula infused oils for my balms and salves. And no pesto in the freezer for the winter.

    Love seeing the fruits of your labor in the garden and in the sketchbook.


    1. Bonnie,

      It sounds like your garden did quite well! Although, it is sad all around about some crops not flourishing, it does make me feel a little better that it’s not just me having a “black thumb”. But alas, we can be thankful for what we did receive! We also had bags of pesto in the freezer last year but I find we use more dried basil than pesto so have just dried a lot of basil!

      Fall I hope will be glorious! I feel a little sad that I’m going to be travelling so won’t experience it the same way just being slow on the island. I can hardly remember Toronto falls!

      Happy Autumn to you as well! I felt a very strong shift this equinox 🙂


  3. Love your pumpkins and sweet little oak tree! We planted pie pumpkins this year and harvested one pumpkin! 😂 But we also planted yellow rocket squash seeds and the plant totally took over our yard. Now we have dozens of little squashes, some harvested and some still growing. Enjoy your harvest season!🍂💛


    1. Hi Valerie! Ohh you are lucky!! I wish I even had one pie pumpkin! I will have to buy one because I don’t think fall is really fall without making pumpkin pie 😀 I can imagine the squash plant taking over! They really do take over – it’s hard to think of how much space they actually take up when you’re just planting a seed (I also am not familiar with yellow rocket squash – tried to find a photo but I think there is a sneaker with the same name, lol). Squash are so much fun to grow – sometimes I just leave them to see how big they can grow 😀

      Merry Harvest Moon!

      Liked by 1 person

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