Beulach Ban Falls Sweater

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Hallo Friends!

How are you!  I hope well 🙂

I am blogging to you today from my small work room.  Listening to Sonic Youth with Henry taking up much of the floor and a grey, stormy sky outside.  This morning, I drove Jamie to work so I could send off all the Etsy Orders, look for a new sketch book and get some sourdough from the bakery.  I breathe a sigh of relief when I have mailed everything off – unsent orders really weigh on me until I’ve released them to the world!

Anywho, with those packages this morning – I sent this sweater!  To Scotland, where I hope she will be very, very happy!!  I named this design Beulach Ban after the falls that Jamie and I spent an afternoon by this summer in Cape Breton Island.  Here, I fantasized the whole walk up the mountain that I was an elusive sprite living among the oak trees, it feels so good to dream. Sometimes, I need to remind myself to still do it –  especially about otherworldly things.

Lupins Nova Scotia
Lupins this summer, meandering backroads

So, I started this sweater back in the Spring with my Létt-Lopi  stash.  The colours – although I do think they work really well together – were my only choice.  I was a little doubtful in the beginning but as I worked with the browns and purples, grew to really, really love.  I’m trying to think where we see Brown and Purple in Nature….. drawing a blank, but regardless, they look pretty and lush together!

This sweater, along with all of my knitting this past year – took some time.  I believe I started  in April and I finished in August.  I was working on creating a stash of mittens for the Etsy shop.   These have all been placed in the shop 😀 and I may take a little break this month knitting mitts for Etsy.  I just want to knit a couple of experimental things that might not cut it for the shop.

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Knitting the sleeve with my girl ❤  This summer was SO hot – I’m already wearing pants and a sweater today.
Beulach Ban
Not sure where I’m going next with this yoke!

The sweater was knit in Nova Scotia and PEI.  We didn’t travel far this summer!  Last year we travelled to Ireland and the year before that, I went to Newfoundland with a friend, but this year, we stuck close to home!  The maritimes I swear must double in population during the summer months with all of the tourists.  If you have travelled to the East Coast and were lucky to have had good weather, I think you would understand why we don’t go anywhere during the summer.  And so, this sweater was knit in our sunroom, on the Northumberland Ferry, at my Moms.  Places I feel genuinely happy to just sit and knit. The heat this summer really allowed for lots of just sitting and knitting.

PANGUR BAN & BEULACH BAN !!! Sweaters ready for photographing at our Airbnb in Cheticamp with this handmade willow basket I picked up along the road!

My thoughts and creative process?  Well… I can honestly say that I didn’t have very many!  I knew that I wanted the fairisle tree motif again that I have in my previous sweaters.  I really love this simple and striking design and love that it just immediately speaks to our love for not only handcrafts but also this beautiful earth.  As for the rest…. I wanted it to look like a banner.  I actually design row, by row based loosely on a little sketch of a sweater I do beforehand.  So FIRST I draw a little cartoon fairy person wearing a sweater.. and then I just trust in myself that I can figure it out.  I always do… it may not be exactly what my pixie is wearing but I feel like she / he would still appreciate it!

Beulach Ban, floating like a flag in the wind, marking our last bonefire
Rocky Beaches and the Beulach Ban Sweater
*Stereotypical sweater pic* Staring into the distance on a rocky beach, my 15 year old self would be so incredibly happy.
Home again
Sunroom, Garlic and a finished Beulach Ban sweater

I feel like finishing sweaters often signifies a change in season.  Fall has definitely descended on us here (although… the next couple of days are promising very hot temperatures).  Much Shorter days, slippers in the morning!  I packaged up the sweater early, early.  I say a little farewell and wish them happiness in their new home!

This Morning


Beulach Ban
Packaged up! Hand-sewn bags using upcycled fabric and a handcarved stamp

Yay!!  Isn’t she lovely?  I become so attached to the sweater patterns that I make.    Okay, I must admit, I am knitting a new Lopi Sweater and hoping to do the same design.  This one will be in much more natural and subdued colours.  Who knows, maybe FINALLY I can get a pattern out and it will be this one!  I am asked constantly about the patterns i make up and I wish I could just finally put something together for people to make their own.  It is honestly the sizes that make me nervous – I should just sit down and do some math, shouldn’t be too hard.. and yet :~

Fairisle Socks and Henry and I sharing the love seat

For the rest of the day, I am going to make an apple pie using apples from our old tree and my favourite soup to make of all time (not necessarily my favourite to eat): Borscht!  I love making it because I just go in the garden, pick all kinds of things and then make a borscht out of it!  With the sourdough bread and some cheeses, it makes a great autumn meal!

In other news, I have been drawing quite a bit!  I am actually planning to start a new instagram account just for my drawing and art.  I feel pressure and anxiety on my current account because of the follower count and just the pressure to have things perfect.  I know this is all not necessary at all and very silly, but it’s very hard not to have these feelings.  I really miss when I started using the app and didn’t doubt and second guess myself for sharing things that I have been working on.  So, I thought a new account for my art will allow me that freedom and encouragement.  I am currently just stuck on a name – I have the names CopperBirch, Dwelling, paperknot ….fairydwelling, fairypath,  Reddyfox  – oh it just keeps going!  Which do you like best?  Oh goodness, maybe I’m already applying that same anxiety.

The sun is coming out!!!!!!

Merry Part ❤




14 thoughts on “Beulach Ban Falls Sweater

  1. What a lovely post- I would say the brown and purple of the sweater are a typical sight in the highlands of Scotland , the rugged brown terrain with sprites of purple heather spring to mind. I’m so excited to receive it when it arrives- what lovely packaging! ☺️


    1. Ooohhh this is beyond perfect! As soon as I read “Scottish highlands” all I could see was purple and brown and felt so overwhelmed by a stunning landscape! I really hope that you like this one and thank you ❤


  2. Lovely, Julia! And might I add that I wear brown and purple from time to time. I think they look natural together. Reading the comment from above, now I know why! I love heather. Though I’ve never been to Scotland, it is on my list of places that are calling to me. Ahhh…someday. As to the name, I like Reddyfox, but you should choose one that expresses who you are as an artist, not us!


  3. Hi Julia.

    I think it is so fun to read the posts where you write about your knitting process. It is very inspiring, and it makes me think about everything I want to knit too. 🙂 I think the brown and purple looked very good together. But I understand you were doubting, it’s not that usual is it? 🙂 I’m exciting to hear what you will knit that’s not for the Etsy shop. Are you making something for Jamie or yourself? 🙂

    And, YES to the drawing account. It sounds like a nice thing to do. And you know, I really do think that when you start to post as beautiful pictures as you do, you easily will want to keep that standard and then the pressure and anxiety comes on its own. (Not very helpful, I’m sorry). Just try to be kind to yourself. Like you would to a friend. Every picture does not have to be perfect. 🙂



    1. Hi Hafrun,

      Thank you so much and many apologies for the very late response! I have taken a step back from Social Media / Blog / Knitting for the past couple of months to take care of other areas of my life.

      Sadly, I don’t have completed typed out patterns for any of our sweater designs. It was in the process and then the pandemic started and well, everything has kind of flown out the window.

      Take care !


      1. Thank you for the reply 😊

        I managed to mimic the pattern, and make a beautiful sweater of double wool (plötulopi)


      2. Hi
        I would love to send you a photo of the sweater.
        I changed it a bit and skipped the purple as the recipient wished for.
        I have yet to wash it 😁

        Where can I send you the picture ?


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