Ways of Wood Folk Shop Update

Green and Red ❤


It’s very early morning –  I’m sitting at my desk with a lamp on, a cup filled with hot water and honey and Debussy waking me. I’m working later today, so thought I would FINALLY update the Etsy Shop before I go.  There will be 2 updates – one today and another tomorrow.  I had 20 items to list (which for our shop – is a lot) since I have just been stock piling all summer rather than listing items as we make them (I think I’ll refrain from this again because all of the photography, measuring, etc. etc. is a lot of work!).  It has been a while so I am excited to share the small items with you!

Evening light through the trees, Queen Anne’s lace and handknits – the lettlopi fingerless mitts are green with a small  brush of pink

The collection I have to add this time around is a mixture of knits by myself and my mom (Meaghan is currently on Maternity Leave and does not have the same time she once had to dedicate to knitting).  Over the late spring and summer, I knit a couple of pairs of Icelandic fingerless mittens using LettLopi.  I also have a pair of Maritime Folk Mittens that I knit using MacAusland’s 2 ply wool.

MacAusland’s Maritime Folk Mittens
My Mom also knit a pair of Maritime inspired folk mittens using local PEI wool from MacAusland’s – the blackberries, I picked along our trail during a walk with Henry! I have some stored away in the freezer for jamming 🙂

Jamie and I would pack a bag and take the knits to our regular walk with Henry out in the country.  We also photographed some of the sweaters on Cape Breton Island (but I’ll share a post about my latest Lopapeysa sweater this week!).  Jamie is such a patient photographer, we have been contesting with the constant hum and annoying prick of mosquitoes this summer.  They have been relentless! I’m certain that if you looked hard enough, you could see them flying around or on my head somewhere.  There were photos I had to discard because it would be a closeup of a blurry mosquito 😛

Fingerless Mittens handknit with Merino wool
Icelandic Fingerless Mittens – fresh picked herbs and flowers from the garden
Handknit socks made by my Mom, Elizabeth! I have so many pairs of these that I have received as Christmas gifts for well probably a decade. They are knit on 2 needles (knit with scraps so that is a lot of work!) and do have a seam running down the middle of the bottom of the foot. I wear mine when it’s very cold out and I have a pair of thin socks underneath 🙂 There are a couple new pairs added to the shop this week!
Knitting Corner – If I get up for a minute, this little one usually robs me of my spot and I can’t help but let him
Hazel Heather Pangur Ban knit by Meaghan ❤
Knit Tam, now in Shop
New Cards up in the shop! Little Lopapeysa Stamps – there is a solid body stamp and a blank body (I have no idea how else to describe it!  But I think you get my meaning).
New Greeting Cards in the shop!
Purple Fairisle knit by Elizabeth – in the Apple trees, shadows of leaves on my face  (thought I was smiling when Jamie took this picture but anyway…)
Lettlopi Fingerless Mittens!

The sun is out!  I’m on a second cup of tea (this time, pumpkin spice!  Thank goodness for Seasons).  Hope you enjoyed seeing a glimpse of our knitted items!  The shop is http://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/waysofwoodfolk and if you are looking for one of the above items and it’s not listed in the shop, you can see  it there tomorrow 🙂

Happy Labour Day to everyone! Pleasant knitting, star gazing, fire making, preserving, whatever makes you happy this time of year!

Welcome Autumn 🙂

** I’ll leave you with a favourite folk song – I feel like just sharing traditional folk songs that I love on my blog since they are so underrated!! This is “She Moves through the Fair” an Irish folk song.  This particular version is by Anne Briggs and recorded in the 60s.


5 thoughts on “Ways of Wood Folk Shop Update

  1. Fabulous! Love those made with MacAuslands wool! The other night I had to pull out our MacAusland’s wool blanket because the temperatures were pretty cool. Alas, that didn’t last long and we are back to the hot humid days and nights. But, the air has shifted and Autumn IS on it’s way here.


  2. I love all the things you make…I’ve been wanting to knit my own fair isle sweater for ages but can’t find a pattern I like.
    Can you recommend a source for a good pattern for a fair isle sweater like the ones you knit?
    Thanks in advance!


    1. Hi Gwen,

      Thank you 🙂 ❤

      For the Icelandic Style, I recommend starting with the pattern "riddari" and the traditional fairisle that we make, is a vintage pattern from the 1960s I believe – I am not sure on the title of the publication, I am sorry! But do check out riddari for the Icelandic style 🙂



  3. So beautiful items for the shop, Julia! 🙂 And the cards, I really love them! ❤ And pumpkins spice tea? That must be delicious. Do you know what is in the blend..? I also enjoy listening to Debussy 🙂


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