Sunday in June

Fairisle and Roadside Lupins

The first weekend of Summer, officially summer!  I am sitting here by a fire with thick wool socks and the steady patter of rain. I swear, this weekend was more summer like.  On Saturday, I dove in the ocean and yesterday, Jamie and I were chased out of the woods by hundreds of mosquitoes.

Yesterday, we had a very slow morning and then ventured out to take Henry for a walk and take some photographs of our shop’s latest knit sweater (a brown fairisle with a vintage feel handknit by my Mom). There has been so much rain this month that the dirt roads are impassable in our little car.  We drove around the centre of the island in an area I really love (just some rolling hills, farms, woods and wildflowers) and stopped at the trail to take Henry for a walk.

Wild Lily of the Valley (Canada Mayflower)

Henry doesn’t seem phased by the bugs but in this area, not only were there mosquitoes but also blackflies.  I’m starting to view them in a different light – as protectors of natural and pristine environments.  Guarding delicate plants from our careless trampling.

Forest Flowers in the dense wood

On our drive home, we stopped on the side of the road to take a couple of photos with my favourite wildflower (I think I might call every wildflower my favourite, it’s hard to have a true one favourite but easy to love them all!) LUPINS!  I love lupins so much – I don’t remember them where I grew up in Ontario but in the maritimes they are plentiful.  I actually read an article recently about how Lupins are not native to the Maritimes but were spread by someone nicknamed “Johnny Lupinseed” who in the early 20th century, spread seeds up and down the province!  I feel like my Mom and I are following his footsteps spreading lupin seeds where ever we can.  In the article, it was addressed whether they are HARMFUL because they are “invasive.”  This idea is so ludicrous to me, why aren’t we asking whether the hundreds of acres of crops that we decimate the land for and  spray with roundup are harmful rather than the nitrogen fixer ditch side flowers : /. Anyway,  rant over.

Pink Lupins – in Nova Scotia there are even white ones along the road. Purple is what you see most often

The patch we visited along the side of the road with buzzing with bees – so many different types as well !   They don’t even seem to mind our presence at all.

Fairisle and Lupins


Wildflowers in the home

The shop has been updated with this vintage inspired fiarisle and I am going to begin to devote more time and energy to the shop.  Oh!  You may also have noticed that I changed some things.  FinFolk and Oak is now (yes I know, so fancy!  I am actually so excited!).   I also added (well, Jamie did all of this for me on our slow Sunday morning) an e-mail follow option as well as directly link the Etsy Shop in the menu.  I hope the changes aren’t weird and you like the new banner I painted!

Last but not least, thank you everyone so much for your Birthday Wishes!  After working at the library for the day, Jamie and I drove straight out to the ocean with Henry.  I dove in (to quickly get out) and then headed home.  Our friends came over and  we ate pizza and watched a movie with a fire.  Now to start the summer ❤

The Woods Yesterday

5 thoughts on “Sunday in June

  1. I love your new thoughts on black flies and mosquitoes! Sound so much nicer than anything I’ve ever heard… heh. 🙂 I’m always drawn to your pictures of the darker places in the woods, the dry trees, the forest ground where hardly anything grows, the green moss and so on. I keep trying to photograph places like that too. I wonder why… I just think it is very, very beautiful. 🙂


  2. ❤️ the banner Julia! Foxes 🦊 are a favorite of mine, especially red tail. Lovely photos of glimpses of your life bring many smiles to my heart. Be well and enjoy the summer!


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