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My Olwyn design


How are you!

It’s a lovely, warm Sunday afternoon here on this island.  The birds are singing after a couple days of cold, grey rain.  The resident red squirrel is running through all the tops of the pine and I am just sitting here with the window wide open, drinking some Kombucha and listening to the chimes!  We have been so busy lately, that I have not had the time to dedicate to sharing this lopi sweater.  Finally, finally the time is here and I can move ahead with a clear idea of my creative world.

And so, in the bleak mid-winter, I cast on a Charcoal Lopi Sweater with the intention of having it completely finished in January, blog finished – etsy listing and all, my how time flies.

This sweater travelled to Nova Scotia with me, where I knit it accompanying my sister in her last trimester of pregnancy.  After spending time with Meaghan, I took the bus to Northern NS.  It was here that I finished it, back in February!  We did not see very much snow this winter, however I did manage to have a slightly snowy fire in the woods in Nova Scotia.   My father built this little setup in the woods with benches and a stone pit.  I love this spot, surrounded by the swaying spruce and the thick, squishy moss.

Coal Lopi 5
To pack my backpack with tea, knitting and a pack of matches – collecting birch bark along the way.
Coal Lopi 6
Something warm and colourwork – it was relatively mild this winter at times
Coal Lopi 2
With my family, after a snow in Nova Scotia
Coal Lopi 3
Chain lake, Halifax – to the left is an overpass and believe it or not, a city.
Coal Lopi 8
Roots of dreams


In the warmth of spring, it’s hard to believe winter happened at all.  It’s almost strange looking back at these photographs.  Winter, summer… I find living with seasons so magical and so much like dream recollection.   Despite months of battling arctic winds or basking in summer’s sun, the other feels like a faded dream too strange to truly have happened.

Today, as I post this, the early flowers are blooming and I filled a seashell with sweet water for the bees.   I am genuinely happy and if it doesn’t rain, will go out soon to collect some maples and put some plants together for friends and family.

May 6th, Crocuses!
some coffee before photos, not chilled just so perfectly content and trying to get Hugo to show his face, not his behind (failed as you can see!)
Finished!  Feeling fae like in this sweater and love how you can match these under overall dresses.
I got a picture of HUGO!
The bees are busy with these Siberian Squill – every year they spread and I love them!
Home sweet home, there is nothing I like more than taking more morning tea/coffee and walking around the yard greeting my plant friends, especially these century old Sugar Maples!
Processed with VSCO with  preset
But I am getting side tracked, this is about this Icelandic Sweater that I made and is now available in the shop!


In other parts of my world, my knitting has come to a grinding halt.  I don’t have a  lot of time to dedicate to knitting the way I use to.  The outside world to me is the most important thing and it takes time, time and patience and a lot of love.  I also am doing some custom artwork again, reading books, working part-time in town.  So my knitting is still happening but the way I use to knit – just a little bit, while watching a show or having a cup of tea.  Slow and steady but how can I stay inside when the earth is awakening! My moods ebb and flow so I’m sure I’ll be overcome at some point with an obsessive knitting period 😛

Front yard, the field is farmed in the summer months and you catch a glimpse of the river!

So friends, the thermometer says 16 Degrees C with the possibility of rain so I am going to get outside before the rain comes 🙂  I hope you enjoy your day!  I am so happy and excited to see what the next couple of months bring 🙂

Green Blessings on you all ❤

A favourite Irish Gaelic Song for you ❤


11 thoughts on “Coal Olwyn Sweater

  1. Hi Julia!

    The sweater looks beautiful. I tried to look it up on Etsy, but it was perhaps already sold? 🙂

    I am totally in love with the look of your house! It’s so perfectly shaped, and the windows and the sun room makes it look like a dream! 🙂

    It’s so funny that you wright about how it’s hard to believe there was winter at all. I thought the exact same thing earlier today, as we were driving home from my mothers, and the trees were filled with little green leaves, and the grass was green and bright again, as if winter never happened. 🙂



    1. Hi Camilla!

      Thank you so much 😀 and Yes it sold in about a minute! Something that never ceases to amaze me!

      Thank you so much for your positive words about our house. I really feel like houses have spirits and lives of their own and I am so happy you get a pleasant vibe from ours. The shape of it is a vernacular Maritime Farm house. You see the same shape a lot around here (of the old homes). Perhaps sometime I’ll do a tour post of our house? It is from the 1870s and we have SO much work to do. I think in the photo you can see it needs a new roof. All in good time I just tell myself!

      And yes, winter… what even is that? Spring is divine ❤

      Hope you are happy and well!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. A tour would be so much fun, but of course, only if you feel confortble with sharing. Your house is so old! I would love that! Except I am scared of ghosts. And convinced they exist. Hardly any houses in Norway is as old as yours I think. It is at least not very common. My husbands parents has a house that is from sometime before 1913, but it is made from two small houses built together so no one knows when the two different parts are from. (They took one house and placed on top of the other to make a two story house! Can you imagine?!) Are there many old houses in Canada?

        I am actually wondering how you store your yarn? I can’t find a good storage solution.. and I would like to buy some more! Haha!


      2. Camilla, I don’t blame you AT ALL for being afraid of ghosts – I honestly am as well! My mom actually saw a ghost/apparition in our house. She woke up and there was what she said a solid woman standing in the doorway watching her, she said she had a tightly pulled back bun and a dress suit on from circa 1950s. She did say that she didn’t feel scared at all although she was a little alarmed! Even though I only feel good vibes from our house – I’m a little frightened at night with the lights out :\

        There are many old homes in the East of Canada, but not so old as say the Eastern United States or England etc. Some houses are from the 1700s in Nova Scotia and I think in French Areas of Canada (Province called Quebec) , there are some 1600s! I really love houses and history ❤ I am trying to imagine this house of being placed on top of the other! I've never seen anything like that before 😀

        Yarn, I simply put it on a shelf! I actually don't have a lot of wool but what I do have is just stacked on a shelf and scraps are in little drawstring bags and placed in a basket. I'll show you in the house tour 😉 I'm also thinking of buying some more 😀


  2. And you look very fae like, and lovely, in this sweater.

    I love where I live, but also love to see where others live. Each place is unique and beautiful, in its own way.

    Oh yes, please do a photo tour of your 1870’s Maritime Farm house. Oh please do… I love old homes… There is work to be done on it. And over time, doing this work, will make it even more, _your_ home.

    I don’t know how to follow, using WP. I make a private blog, and install a Blogger Gadget, to “Follow” and see new posts, on the blogs I like. 🙂

    Btw, Hugo is a handsome cat. And I think he knows it. ,-))))


    1. Thank you! Fae like is the most wonderful compliment in my humble opinion!

      After our house is all cleaned up (it is in SHAMBLES right now from renovating the bathroom), I will dedicate a solid couple of days to cleaning it 😛 and then get a post up. There is SO much potential but we are young and not able to afford much work to be done at present. A work in progress and a little bit each year!

      Okay, I must figure out how to also get a follow button – I am so far behind blarg1 I believe i signed up via email?

      And Hugo definitely definitely knows it 😀


  3. A beautiful sweater, and it looks perfect on you! Love the colors you chose. And thanks for taking us alomg on it’s journey. Hugo is quite the hansome kitty


    1. Thanks so much Elaine!

      Hugo is getting lots of Love, I’m trying to let him know! It’s funny because he is just so difficult to photograph, my camera has a hard time focusing on him and he ends up being blurry 😦 I’m happy i could get a shot of him yesterday!

      Blessed May 🙂


  4. Greenery, blue spring flowers (I’ve never seen Siberian Squill – we don’t have that here), knitting, tea, winter walks, a black cat, and that tiny bit of blue in the sweater (which makes all the colors ‘pop’ harmoniously), What can I say but, 💙! Such a pleasure to read through after a busy day running errands and working on household finances.


    1. Thank you Bonnie! Hope today was less stressful and more relaxed for you! It’s a beautiful day here today, very windy but still sunny and warm ❤ I'm noticing more and more growth each passing day, so my heart is full!


      1. I just emailed you a quick request. And today is going beautifully! In fact, my favorite maple 🍁 tree is calling me right now. I’ve packed up my tote bag with sketch book,
        Pens, and water bottle. Going to sit under it on the new bench my husband gave me. Bliss!


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