Snowdrop Fingerless Mitts

Fingerless Mittens indoor on a very cold day – so much more pleasant to share from the indoor world, free of the wind and cold.

A very happy Imbolc to you!

I am very excited to share this little post with you!  I finally wrote out a wee pattern in my notebook and decided to snap some photographs and share it with you.  If you are interested in attempting to follow my wonky instructions, then please by all means do! I decided to simply photograph my notebook and tried to be as clear as possible but just send me a comment on this post and I’ll see if I can sort anything out or provide any help.

Before I launch into knitting – I wanted to share a little more about what we have been up to.  I have been working part-time in town, starting seeds, thinking about seeds.. watching videos about seeds.  Really, plants have taken up most of my brain power.  I am thinking of starting a new instagram account just to share plants and this beautiful earth rather than making it *me* focused.

This winter weather wise has been bizarre.  There has just been a dance between freeze and thaw.  Yesterday it was above 0, huge puddles formed in the yard, blue jays and starlings everywhere!  Today, it is minus 27 with the wind that whips up from the river.  The yard is a solid sheet of ice, we could probably skate if it was more pleasant outside.  Jamie and I ran to the back to take a couple of photos this morning of these mittens but it was SO difficult because of the wind and cold.   I think I generally look a little uncomfortable and poor Jamie, clicking away!  As you can imagine, we could only stay out for about 5 minutes.

Regardless of the strange winter weather, the path of the sun and moon remain the same!  The days are growing longer and I feel a definitely revival.  With that little bit of extra light, I made these colourwork mittens.

From the Stash!  Alpaca from We are Knitters and  Rowan Tweed that I found tucked away many moons ago in my Mom’s closet (she doesn’t miss it..).

My attempt at a pattern – I hope you like it!  If you do try it, please proceed with caution – everyone knits differently and I am not a very technical person in anyway – I think of myself as a very intuitive person in most of what I do.

My notebook, a sleepy dog and some finished snowdrop fingerless mittens
The Ribbing and attaching COLOUR B which for me was the alpaca – knitting in the round can be deceiving in the beginning – trust Aslan that they will indeed fit a human hand once a couple more rows have been completed.


After a couple of rows – The Rowan wool I chose to use has varying thicknesses which is why it appears a little bit bumpy – it was really lovely to work with though.


Painting some mittens!  I actually switched this room around today and once it is completely completed (not redundant at all, no sir) I will share a post with you!
The first pair!  Just using forgotten stash wool
Placing the thumb on the double pointed needles and attaching the 2 colours without tying any knots


All the weaving left to do


A bath in a chipped bread bowl – using No-Rinse Wool Soap
Painting ❤
A little Chichadee – I spotted a couple in the pine trees outside of our house and made sure to greet them, hello!


My notes!  I don’t really anticipate anyone trying to make these but in the case that someone is brave and wants to feel that satisfaction of using abandoned, forgotten wool – please take heed of a couple of things!

  1. This is one size, if you would like to make a larger size cast on 44 stitches.  The only issue with this is that the bottom pattern is composed of 8 stitches so it will not be completed properly.  However, if you only make Pattern 1 using one of the 4 stitch designs, you will be good to go!  The size entirely depends on what size of needles and the weight of your wool – so bigger needles will make a larger size, etc.
  2. I didn’t include pattern 2 on the thumb – this is because it was different for each thumb and I trust that you can intuitively look at your knitting and decide where the Colour B stitches can go.  I am not even a slight perfectionist as you can probably guess.  Life is too short! Too many seeds to plant, books to read, cats to pet… 😛
  3. I didn’t post anything about the thumb…. because it’s so easy!  Just divide the 11 stitches on 2 needles, pick up 5 stitches on a 3rd needle at the gusset and attach the 2 colours.  Knit 7 S E V E N 7 rounds in Pat. 2 and cast off with Colour B.


To have a red roof… sigh.
Tea outside with below 27 weather?  Let’s just imagine it’s not so cold and ideal for fingerless mittens (hello tomorrow and above 0 temperatures A G A I N!)
Studio window sill – Completed and now on Etsy!

There you have it ❤

I work today and tomorrow so am a little rushed to get this out to you!  I do hope you enjoy the process and my photographs.  I will have more up tomorrow on the etsy and have a plan to make a blog post about my latest Lopi Sweater (just needs buttons and a button band… so will probably be ready in a couple of weeks!).

Welcome February 😀

As I have enjoyed doing, leaving you with a favourite tune, yes it’s from a children animated movie and yes, the theme is probably one of my favourite tunes.  I actually enjoy the version with the child singing even more but this is just a taste for you 😉



19 thoughts on “Snowdrop Fingerless Mitts

  1. Hello Julia! Those mittens look so beautiful! I am not a knitter (yet), but I can crochet, so I might attempt a crochet version 🙂
    I really like reading your blog, your pictures are superb, thank you for those little glimpses into what you are up to. May I ask where you get your seeds from, is there a Canadian company that specializes in seeds for the eastern climate? I moved to a little village in Quebec recently, and yes I feel like the winter is never going to end, but I really would like to get a little garden started this year, so starting seeds indoors seems to be a good idea.
    All the best,


    1. Hi Franziska!

      Thanks for your message and all your kind words!

      That is excited about the Eastern village in Quebec. Both of my parents are from Quebec and I was raised not far at all from the border in Ontario. You can have an amazing garden despite the frigid winters and honestly grow almost anything! But yes, definitely start seeds indoors.

      I order from a couple of different companies and like trying new ones, – this year I ordered from a Manitoba Company called “Heritage Harvest Seeds” – it is my 3rd year getting seeds from them, they have some Acadien varities (so from the French settlements in the East Coast prior to the expulsion in the 18th C) and a lot of Russian and Ukranian varieties of seeds that were brought to the Prairies.

      I also order from 2 Nova Scotia companies – “Hope Seeds” and “Incredible Seed Company.” All 3 of these companies are Heritage/ Non GMO/ Open Pollinated varieties (so you can save the seeds). My rationale is that if there are gardens near the ocean growing these, then I should be able to, too. Anywho, kind of a lot of writing but I definitely suggest taking a look at those companies ANND if you wanted to stay more local to where you are, check out this website (Canadian Seed Index):

      Hope this helps and Happy Gardening to you!!!


  2. Lovely post, Julia! I loved this pattern in the grey pair and will probably make up a pair for myself. I have some leftover lett lopi that would be lovely in this pattern. Thanks for sharing your notes with us. Love how you included the dried flowers! Your knitting notebook and the way you write your patterns are similar to how I write them up too – enough to remind me what to do without the messy details. And how sweet that you captured them in a painting! (I love the little red roofed house too!).

    We too have been experiencing the deep freeze alternated with spring days. They seem to bounce back and forth like a ping pong ball. But I am enjoying the extra daylight each day.

    I’ve never heard Song of the Sea. It’s beautiful! Thanks for sharing. I’ll have to check out the movie. Is it also called Song of the Sea?


    1. Hey Bonnie,

      I would be so excited if you tried to make these!! If you do, please do let me see how t hey turn out! I would be so curious how someone makes sense of my notes (despite in my mind – they are crystal clear, haha).

      This winter just has me so excited for growing plants!! A little oak tree in a cup actually broke above the surface of the earth and I couldn’t be more excited. We have snow in the forecast right now, but February is such a short month – I do like February.

      Yes, Song of the Sea is the name of the film!! Perhaps it’s on American Netflix? It was on Canadian Netflix for a short time. I actually own it because… well I love it haha. It is a really beautiful film – music, animation, story telling! Let me know if you watch it!

      Happy February 4th (because, why not 😀 )!


      1. The American Netflix doesn’t carry Song of the Sea 😕…BUT our local library system does!!! Yay 😁 for libraries! I’ve placed a hold on it and should have it soon. I didn’t realize it was about a selkie. I love selkie stories! I will make these snowdrop mitts and promise to show you a photo, but first I must finish a pair of mittens and a wrap/poncho that I started.


      2. Hi Julia! Song of the Sea arrived at my library yesterday. I immediately picked it up and watched it with my husband last night. OH MY!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! 💙💙💙💙 And so did my husband. What a magical, mystical, majestic, glorious film! It resonated deeply within my heart. I Loved the story, the music (already have downloaded the theme song to my devices 🎶), and was especially moved by the wonderful colorful illustrations. Don’t have to return the DVD until next week and plan to watch it at least once more. I noted that the creator of this film also made the “The Secret of Kells”. Have you seen that one? My library system has it and I will request a hold on it sometime. I’ve put it on my ‘watch/reading’ list. Thank you, again, for sharing the song which triggered me to learn of this film. I have always enjoyed selkie stories. Have you ever seen the movies: “The Secret of Roan Inish”, or “The Seventh Stream”, or “Ondine”? I liked them all, especially The Secret of Roan Inish.


      3. Hey Bonnie!

        No I have not forgotten about this message! SO sorry – I guess you know me now that I take absences and sometimes they are a little more prolonged!

        I am so excited about your message because I have not heard of these movies “The Seventh Stream” I’ll look into it – but I have seen all of the others. I love Secret of Roan Inish – it’s one of my all time favourite movies 😀

        I’m so glad that you liked Song of the Sea – there are so many good songs on the soundtrack too – I often put it on and notice all of the animals just lull off to sleep (until the angry owl witch music comes on and I quickly change it, lol!). I also have Secret of Kells and love it as well. It’s not as good as Song of the Sea but it’s still awesome and all about Irish folklore and medieval Irish life. The music is good in it as well, I especially like the Pangur Ban song 😉

        Hope your February was good and looking forward to Spring,

        Slainte 🙂


  3. Dear friend!
    These mitts are just a dream. As are your photographs, as always.
    Despite all the seeds to order, all the manure to spread over the garden beds and all those infamous cats asking for cuddles, I will cast on this project as soon as I grab some yarn – will let you know if I get stuck somewhere…
    Thank you so much for sharing it 🙂
    Stay cosy!
    cat xxx


    1. Hi Cat ^.^ !

      Thank you so much for your kind words ❤ ❤

      Hope it isn't too confusing and I'd be happy to answer any questions to the best of my abilities! I love your sentiment about the seeds and of course cats – my cat often finds my lap while I'm knitting the most ideal time to insist on headbutting me!

      Enjoy your seed ordering! Excited to see your garden this year 🙂

      Julia xo


  4. Hi Julia!

    I’m so excited about the pattern! Thank you for sharing! And I have to say, the instructions are so much more charming. (I felt like I should make my own notes like that, just because it looks so nice and inviting). 🙂

    Beautiful photos as always! 🙂


    1. Thanks Camilla!

      Thanks so much! Usually my notes are actually just marks noting which row I am on so this was actually quite detailed for me! Hope you like it and looking forward to hearing about the Mountains ❤

      I'm having a *crampy monthly* day so getting cozy with my dog and going to organize and start some more seeds with some herbal tea 🙂 🙂


      1. Ah, that’s too bad. Good thing you can do something enjoyable. 🙂 The mountain post is published, but it turned out a bit short as I just realised I hardly had any nice photos. 😦 And I didn’t want to write too detailed about my kids. Oh well… 🙂

        I just have to finish a few hats and sweaters before I can start on a new knitting project. (And figure out what yarn to use. That could take some time), but I’ll send you a photo when I finish them if you want to 🙂


  5. Such beautiful mitts Julia! The weather in Ottawa is kind of strange as well. Today is a snow storm but we have been going between thaw and extreme cold too. I hope to get out on the canal with my daughter on Saturday and get a yummy beaver tail.

    I am trying to finish Telja and next up on my queue is Sea Change. Both patterns are from Jennifer Steingass.


    1. Thank you Kimberley!

      Oh the best part of living in Ottawa, the canal in the winter!! I miss those days of getting Beavertails and skating infinitely, I hope the weather takes a turn for the favour of skaters and tobogganers very soon ❤


  6. Hey Julia

    I’m glad to hear to hear you’ve been enjoying the winter. I wish you every good luck with your seed adventures.
    Even though the temperature here in Orkney doesn’t change quite so drastically it still has gone frequently between bright sunny days and grey snowy ones (although our snow is ever only half an inch and doesn’t stay for more than a day).
    I once knitted a cowl called Song of the Sea – inspired by that film – for someone who was part of making it. The pattern is on ravelry and it’s a really beautiful accessory.

    I hope you’ve enjoyed February as much as January and I look forward to reading your next post.

    All the best Emilie


    1. Hi Emilie,

      Thank you so much for your message and i just noticed, sent exactly one month ago >.<! February was such a busy month working at the library and helping my sister but the next month is spread before me with plans of sowing and knitting 😀

      That is awesome that you made this cowl and for someone who was part of the film? Amazing… ❤ I will have to look into the pattern!

      The days must be stretching far out in Orkney! We have the sun rising at around 7 and at 8 it's still not quite pitch black.

      Be well ❤ ❤



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