A New Year


From my studio window on The Winter Solstice,

Happy New Year!!

Hope you are all well and enjoying the rising of the sun.  I have been feeling very content with a general good feeling about times to come.  2017 was a very big year for ourselves and my family and I am so excited and honestly just motivated this year!

This winter has been strange as anything.  We have been bombarded with frigid temperatures that keep you inside for days.  Breathing is difficult, my lungs grasping for air in the face of arctic winds!  The river was completely frozen.  Just the other day, as I was walking Henry through the fields to the river, I saw snowmobiles in the middle of the river, darting all over the ice like flies on south-facing windows.  We even saw some seals hanging out, lazing on the ice in the sun.

Today – today was 13 degrees Celsius… fog rolling up the river that has completely melted.  My boots sink in the mud and the animals need to be wiped down with a towel when they come inside.  We took advantage of the lack of ice and mild temperatures to bring wood in today.  Tonight we are expecting freezing temperatures again and for the foreseeable future. I would love a good snow storm…

I just wanted to share with you a couple of photographs from the past couple of weeks!  I have been totally absent from social media and strangely excited to get back into the swing of things.  I will have to ‘upgrade’ this website soon and hope to just be more active with getting my art available again.  I have been busy working at the central library branch in town and just other things that I don’t even know really!  I feel like I’ve been saying this for months but I honestly sense a change.


Henry’s Spot ❤ ❤ – watching the sunset on the Winter Solstice
Working away on little stash mittens
Before the frigid temperatures – we were going out for wonderful walks – sadly the temperatures have been around -30 C with the wind chill and it’s difficult to breath
Just around 0 C!
working by the bridge for an afternoon
home ❤
A small island journey
Up West to this Gem
Loom Machines when you enter the door!  Not running for the Holidays but the store was still open
lichen pink
Home – MacAusland 2 ply for some Maritime inspired folk mittens – time to rearrange my wool!
Processed with VSCO with g3 preset
All of my wool – slowly getting down there!  I LOVE using up things that I have – part of my frugal spirit
New Colours to be put away !!!


Botanical “Knowledge” cards – this being ST JOHN’s WART (and now I’m looking for a St. JOhn’s Wart – Hypericum perforatum – seed supplier in Canada) One step closer to the Harry Potter Universe if I can learn all of the latin names 😉
Christmas at home this year – my mom made some crochet ornaments for us (hardened with sugar water:)
The steps down to the basement
Sent home early due to storm the other week
Up on my list of happiest moments just the quiet snow, setting sun
Processed with VSCO with m3 preset
New Sin Eater, one of my favourite contemporary artists hoodie (thankyee, i will try my best to keep it from animal hair)
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Stash Mitts!!  I made this little sweet pair up using two different types of wool that I found in my stash!  ALSO “The Good People” by Hannah Kent, I think she and I are somehow connected, ha.
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Mild Day by the frozen river
Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
My heart literally melts
tiny simple paintings just to clear my mind – meditative for me
One more view ❤

And I apologize for the overload of Photographs!!  Tomorrow I plan to post again so I can keep up with having more trimmed and neat posts that consist of one central topic (like this weekend – oops might be a little broad but less so than pictures from the last 3 weeks).  The Etsy shop will be updated tomorrow along with this little blog here of mine).

Thank you everyone so much for your time and positive thoughts.  I wish you all a very blessed New Year, full of creativity, joy and peace!!  I’m so excited to share more with you and hope you enjoy one of my favourite renditions of favourite medieval song : )

Julia ❤

5 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Oh, Julia, it is SO good to see you back here again, my kindred friend! I see you bought a MacAusland’s blanket. I LOVE IT!!! (I wish there were plaid options when we bought ours back in 2001). Don’t apologize for the photos as you have given us a lovely summary of your life the past weeks. I can say the same for the weather we have had here on Lake Ontario. Watching the weather maps as it moves out of our area up to your little corner of the world, I think of you – cozy in your home with your loved ones (2 and 4 legged), surrounded by wool. Isn’t winter grand (i.e. when one doesn’t have to be out in the severe weather)? Those grey and white mitts are stunning! Are they made from Lett Lopi, MasAuslands Briggs & Little or something else? I’ve read so much non-fiction lately, that I’m ready for some good fiction. Is The Good People a good read? Have you read The Snow Child by Eowyn Ivey ? I’ve heard it is good and I can get that from my local library. Thank you for sharing the song from the Oxford Girl’s Choir. It is lovely. Looking forward to hearing more from you. Blessings!


    1. Hello Bonnie and Happy New Year!!!

      So glad to hear that you’re doing well! Despite all of the cold we have been plagued with here along the Eastern Seaboard!! I have been watching the weather as well around Lake Ontario since my siblings live along the great lake and sympathise greatly! Although it is milder the past few days!

      The Grey Mitts – I can honestly say I don’t know the answer. I have been so strangely obsessed with using just the little bits and bobs that I have found that this was found without a label – it is sturdy though I really love it. And so funny you should ask about The Snow Child because it is currently sitting on my bed side table. Hopefully will start it this week! The Good People – it is good, I do have mixed feelings about it but all in all it is a gripping novel.

      Blessings on you!!


  2. Sweet Julia … try Richter’s Seeds in Goodwood, On. They are an awesome Cdn seed supplier, I highly recommend them. Find them online. Hypericum Perforatum is in their seed catalogue. x


    1. Jayne,

      Thank you so much!! I promptly ordered their catalogue! I’m excited that they are Canadian as well 🙂 🙂

      I vowed no more ordering of seeds… so I either may have to just ignore my vow or pick from their catalogue what I will choose next year (definitely the St. John’s Wort.. but I so want to try this year!)


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