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Pink Yarrow and a spider’s web – on my walk 

This morning, this morning… I am sitting cross legged in a wicker chair with a cup of something warm and a cat and a dog.  Beside a large open window, letting the damp, warm air kiss our cheeks.  This window is the first thing I open in the morning and sometimes it lets the damp seep into our house.  Sometimes, I forget that the seasons are changing.

The season is changing.  It’s evident everywhere, from the geese beginning to fly overhead to the rusting leaves.  The spiders building their webs in the cracks of our home and my mindset beginning to shift from a slow almost lethargic summer to a hopeful, productive fall.  At least, a buzzing in my mind that I can’t shut out.

Despite feeling this urge, I have been still operating in the dark.  I can’t seem to get anything going.  Walking is what frees me for the time being.  Where I come up with ideas.  I feel as though, this might be very cryptic so let me speak plainly. Accompanied by Brian Eno, some very talkative birds and the hum of the distant highway.  Life continues!

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Walks with Fall Asters, rosehips and still the beautiful painted lady butterfly migration

These past few days I have had an old friend from my childhood visiting us.  In the early morning, I am finding just a little bit of time to write.  And somehow I still can’t get out what I want to say, despite it being S O B A S I C!  Visits with friends often inspire me to change some habit of mine or be more creative.  It isn’t often you spend an afternoon sitting at the beach and reflecting about life for hours.  The waves reassure you.

I need to find time to create more, apply for artist grants, look at artist residencies so I can focus without thinking of domestic work that needs to be done, create and create and hold nothing back.  Currently, harvesting and preparing food has taken over my life.  Keeping our house sane.  I need to put our ideas into fruition, looking into publishing our patterns and artist works in an artist book.  Sometimes, I just need a push and maybe being more honest about it in my blog will help me.   I’m sure this is of no interest to most, but I think this will help me.  I often feel like social media isn’t quite the place for me.  I don’t really feel like I fit in with what I see, especially with what I have become associated with.

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Visit with friends in our living room – books & writing 
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To start drawing again

I’ll be honest, it was my tarot reading that has made me confront this.  The Magician: taking action, acting consciously, being creative.  I believe the card that represents me best is the High Priestess, which is essentially the opposite of the Magician.  It’s an intuitive card focusing on looking within and your sub-conscious.  But right now, The Magician spoke to me.

And so, I best start taking action.  My world of artistry and craftswomanship.  Where to start?  Maybe with a morning walk ❤

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King Bolete? Not entirely sure, but as I was walking Henry yesterday, I was thinking about on the wild bush craft site it says that we have King Boletes on PEI but that I’ve never seen one and how could i miss one!  The moment I had that thought, I was staring at this mushroom and thought “THAT’S ONE!”   I’m not entirely sure though so I did give it to the slugs… and other critters

Glimpse of Summer



Poppies  in the back garden ❤ Last year I just had one plant – this year there must be a hundred

It feels as though it has already come and gone…


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Mossy woodland deer trail

I first of all, want to come back to blogging! Summer is a little like entering the Fairy Realm… I’m just not sure what happened to that time.  We host many visitors, travel to Nova Scotia numerous times, we garden and garden and eat so much good food.  The days are split between harvesting, taking Henry for beach walks or just.. I don’t even know!  I did sleep near a fairy fort in Ireland so…

But now, finally, that cool air is forcing me inside with a more productive mindset.  I have a new study/studio (whatever you want to call it) and I have never felt more inspired by a small room before (I will do a post on the room, or something of that nature, I would love to share it with you!).  And so, here I am reflecting on the summer.

Our gardens have been bountiful, the weather has been very kind with both sun and rain, heat and cooler days.  The bugs have been atrocious but in turn, the butterflies and bees have been so numerous you can hear the buzz or clicking of their wings as you walk through the fields.  There have been trips to the beach, walks in the woods, bonfires, fresh garden meals, preserving and jam making, knitting (but not as much), long bike rides and old friends.  All in all, it has been a very pleasant season.

And yet… I can not seem to remember very much of it!  I also did not take very many photographs at all.  So, I wanted to share just a couple, just to get back into the swing of things.

I do hope you enjoyed your summer, where ever you found yourself!  What did you get up to?  Does anyone else feel like it passes like a dream?

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Fields and fields of flowers, blackberries and of course hand knit sweaters !
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Beach Camp with the rising sun
Two loves, Astilbe and Pangur (and then I realize the trees and rocks and lilac and sedum !! Okay, many loves)
A dry spell – the river runs dry and we get to go on a new hike (happens usually once a year) – The rock formations are amazing!!
Success with Hollyhocks ❤   This beautiful black hollyhock plant grew in our back garden.  I even collected some of the petals and dyed a pair of socks with them – the result was a pale grey/blue.
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Family visits to the beach on a full moon and an opportunity to photograph a beautiful handknit Olwyn that Meaghan knit
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A good neighbour
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The river wasn’t always dry and the land was covered with clover and buttercups, once upon a time
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Laughing Lisa, we share a birthday and on this day, we climbed Mont St. Hilaire ❤  Afterwards we joined our family who lives below the mountain for a delicious homemade dinner and cake.
The heart is a lonely hunter
Jamie asks me to pick everything for Tabbouleh – parsley and tomato
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Two sister witches, photograph their knits in the woods (it was near impossible in July to not have a bug on your foot… or realistically on every square inch of your body )
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One very good reason to plant a crab apple tree
A very good companion while I pick, day in, day out 
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Sometimes, I have an urge to cable and so mittens seems like a very simple way to satisfy that urge!  Also, a book I picked up at the Hill of Tara in Co. Meath, Ireland.  
GHOST PIPE (Monotropa uniflora) just saying hello
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Queen Anne’s Lace by the wayside
The little specks of paint have been cleared and yes, our *new* old floor – covered with 30s linoleum and carpet, we made this a summer project – the floor of our study/studio.  I think it is Red Oak and the tree must be from the 17th century.   We washed, stained and finished this beauty floor – I honestly couldn’t feel happier with this project of ours and have this sense that the house feels happy too.
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Prince Edward Island, side of the road stops (very essential)
16 Cups in the freezer, I braved the deer flies and black flies so we can have some jam and pie ❤
A finished project – Shall I write a blog about this sweater?
Tor Bay Provincial Park – I lose myself when we drive those winding roads and park here, a place like no other.



Sunflower Eve in my Mother’s garden
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Only a July evening light
My loves on the ferry
The ferry brings us to these walks
We currently have thousands of Painted Lady Butterflies around our home
But just at our house, we have these evening walks ❤  If you can imagine having dozens of painted ladies flutter around you while you walk toward this fairy tree, basked in golden September light
Collecting blackberries from our walks – we have several jars of jam now in the cold room


**  I’m sorry this is such a short post!  I do wish I had been actively blogging this summer, documenting hikes or anything really!  I think it’s safe to say that stepping into a sun drenched (although.. my photographs make it seem like we had a very cloudy summer – I am just drawn to taking photographs when the sun isn’t beaming down on us) fairy realm is pretty accurate ; ).  I really like to take my time with plants, just to be with them, observe them, I spent much of my time in this manner, leaving my phone turned off or hidden away somewhere.

Lastly, I am sorry this blog is more like a visual diary than what I see most blogs being – instructional sites.  I simply enjoy documenting the little things in life and don’t really see myself as being an authority on anything on this planet for giving people instruction.  Sometimes, I wonder if it’s even still relevant to have a blog simply documenting your life… but alas, I do enjoy it (regardless of the hiatus) and really love the conversations and friendships that I’ve made on here.  So Blessings all and I hope you’ve been well!

A song for you, that I sometimes play on repeat (like right now)

PS  I still fully plan to write and share about Ireland, it’s only my second home ❤

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    Walks with Henry

    “Song of the Sea” My favourite movie – We did see seals this summer as well while crossing the strait.  I love them!