Meeting with sky and water

Hillsborough River
Hillsborough River, Prince Edward Island ❤

Yesterday evening was cold but so enchanting.  Jamie and I walked through fields and a wood to get to the salt water river by our house.   There, Henry is beyond happy to run and swim and get incredibly muddy with all the new forms of life.  The sky and water convened before us and it felt magical .  It was one of those walks that I felt compelled to take lots of photographs so thought I would share some with you!

The cold was biting with a north wind coming off the water. I wonder if you can sense how magical it was on our island last night?  What makes you feel magic during your walks?

Henry in the fields – Jamie and I took her to the marshy river to see the geese – here she is posing with a bone she mysteriously dug up while we asked her to sit for a treat 😀
Path from the fields, through the forest to the river
At the Marsh by our house – the river is currently the home of hundreds of Canadian Geese, ducks as well as bald eagles.
lichen on a fallen, sun bleached tree
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
The tree – preserved by the salt in the air – teeming with life
Elfin lichen caps


IMG_20170421_195822 (1)
Having tea by the river with the geese, Henry and Jamie.  I took a video of hundreds of geese however apparently I can’t upload videos on here until I upgrade – all in good time, all in good time!
Goose Feather
Along the river bank – dozens of geese feathers stuck to the rose hips – i stopped this one from blowing in the wind to photograph however when I let go, Henry starting munching on it :\
April in Prince Edward Island
IMG_20170421_195128 (1)
Salty Foam along the river
Delicate feather stuck in rosehip thorns
Jamie heading back through the fields to home – the sky put on a beautiful display for us this evening!
Abandoned farms
sunset on the river
our neighbour abandoned farm gate
Henry Bath
This girl had so much fun and got so muddy that a bath was definitely needed!


Today, there is so much work to do outside: raking, turning and mixing compost, burning of a mountain of sticks and branches, cutting up firewood, felling trees, cleaning out raspberry bush, transplanting trees, preparing potatoes and onions for planting, the list goes on!  I so desperately want to return to my favourite forest on PEI for a hike but will have to wait.  We haven’t been there since November or December and I miss it so much!  It’s not far from our house but on a very muddy road that our car would possibly get stuck in.  I’m hoping either tomorrow or sometime next week to just park on the side of the road and walk the forest road in and do one of the trails, it will only take about 5 hours… but if I pack a lunch and thermos of tea, I’ll be golden.




10 thoughts on “Meeting with sky and water

  1. Hi Julia!
    It looks so beautiful! I love that you post so many pictures. I like to see the river so wide and the woods in the back, all just disappearing in the horizon. Not used to that at home, and it looks so peaceful. And the lights! So magical! Wish I had surroundings like that here. Are there many nice places to walk in the area where you live? 🙂 I enjoy walking on paths in the woods (many places there are gravel roads for timber trucks or cars if people have cabins in the area or something), but I like walking on the soil because it feels sort of soft underneath my feet 🙂


    1. Hi Camilla!

      Thank you so much 🙂 I’m glad you see the magic as well! Sometimes, I wonder if I should put the time into sharing these moments because perhaps it is just common place and boring, but then I think about the way I feel when I’m out in nature or watching the sky and think it is anything but! Our whole world is such a magical place!

      I too prefer walking on soil rather than pavement!

      Re: our book club! I think it’s a great idea, or just discussing books in general! I am taking another week break from sm until I have my next sweater ready for my shop, but would love to continue discussing books!


  2. Your pictures are beautiful. I miss the wide open country spaces to walk by. I’m looking forward to warmer weather. We had a beautiful day yesterday but today is is much cooler. It seems Spring is taking its time this year.

    My walks turn magical with the sounds of the birds, the smells of nature and the warmth of the sunshine.

    Have a great week Julia!



    1. Hi Kimberley 🙂

      Thank you so much! I hope yo will enjoy your walks when you are on PEI this summer!

      We have been having absolutely smashing weather here and everthing is blooming or popping out of the earth. I checked on my Comfrey plant this morning and it is about an inch or two off into the world!

      Have a lovely weekend and happy first of May 🙂



  3. Super photography Julia. The colours are just beautiful where you are at this time of the year, quite a contrast to the pure white snow. Both beautiful.
    I love the photo of Henry in the bath, what a good boy waiting patiently.
    Hope you get to go on your hike, and take lots more photos. Being amongst forest for 5 hrs sounds perfect especially with hot tea and snacks. Enjoy 😊


    1. Hi Eliza!

      I haven’t thanked you yet for passing along the RH material! Do please thank your mom for me! I also have not yet had the chance to sit down and look over it but only briefly, so will send you a response when I get the chance!

      Thank you so much for your kind words! How has your *fall* been, I have no idea what it is like in Australia! Do your leaves change colour? Forgive my ignorance >.<!

      Best for the new month!



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