Last of Winter

North Shore
The Beach is no longer mud!

S P R I N G 🌿

Rejoice, rejoice!  It’s cold outside with a north wind.  I’m sitting on a cushion on the floor while the animals sprawl out on the couch.  I felt like just doing a quick post, to share a few pictures of our last weekend of winter.

Despite the cold and the wind, I still feel spring in the air.  This past weekend, we didn’t just hear the crows cawing but all kinds of birds and geese honking overheard. The bluejays have returned to our compost pile and the tips of the maples have buds.  Spring is a late bloomer here and we likely will be in an in between state for another month.  We are all itching to get outside.

The sun was so strong this Saturday and the temperature so pleasant.  Jamie and I had a busy weekend going for walks with Henry, working outside and going on aimless country drives.  It was a really beautiful end to this winter and I wanted to share with you little bits and pieces.

The outdoor work on this little piece of land seems endless!  This weekend, we focused on picking up sticks that have fallen during the winter gales. We had a bonfire and let the chickens and Henry free (Henry is pretty good with the chickens, although she occasionally runs as fast as she can at them to scatter them to the wind :\ ).

Chickens Free
The chickens had free range on Saturday!
Bon Fire
First bonfire of the year, many, many more to come!
Garden Shed
The Garden Shed, so much cleaning up to do!
Henry scared Dorothy and she came running to me for protection ❤
Driving along the north shore this weekend with Jamie ❤
My boyfriend and girlfriend ❤ First Beach walk of the year
It won’t be long before we can use the sun room…
Morning Light
The morning sunlight and a pair of angora mitts I’m working on
More Lighthouses, this one is at Wood Islands ❤
South Shore
Beyond the Lighthouse
The Strait
The Sweater, we drove to the strait to get a photo of the sweater and say fare well to winter!
Brilliant sunset for the last full day of Winter 2017


The end of winter!  I can barely believe it!  It does go by so quickly.  I would like to do more posts about gardening and despite the cold, I have started quite a few seeds already indoors.  But the extent of our gardening this month is cleaning up the yard and starting a few seeds.  I am ecstatic for the growing season!

Wishing you all a beautiful new season!



9 thoughts on “Last of Winter

  1. Oh! You are deeply blessed to be surrounded by the energy of all that beauty, goodness, and water! Thanks for sharing. Celebrating a lovely spring day here along the southern shore of Lake Ontario. Snow is melting. Sun ☀️ is shining. Birds are singing. What a JOY to be alive!


    1. Sounds like a beautiful day Bonnie! We believe it or not are currently having a blizzard with the province shut down … I guess just part of living on an island surrounded by the sea! Hoping for *spring* soon!


  2. Wonderful post. I loved all the photos, but, especially the first one of the lighthouse at the beach and the sunset. So, beautiful. Happy Spring!


  3. Love seeing glimpses of your weekend and reading your thoughts about the arrival of spring! Such an exciting time of year, promising so much new life just around the corner! Here it is so warm today and we spent a couple of hours with the dogs tromping around in the woods and fields, splashing in puddles and searching for pussy willows. The. best kind of day! 🌿🌞


    1. Definitely the best kind of day! Sounds perfect! I hope the weather has stayed warm for you and the flowers are blooming and the leaves in bud! We are snowed in with a blizzard raging outdoors. Hopeful for the last meeting with winter weather 🙈


  4. It is -18 degrees here in Ottawa. I live in a small town east of the city and I love the country. I really am enjoying reading your posts! My mother and I will be in PEI in August and just looking at your pictures makes me long to be there. My Mom is an avid gardener and I am addicted to knitting (flowers too but I moved in town where I have less property to garden in). Happy Spring!


    1. Hi Kimberley, thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

      -18 is Freezing! We are under a blizzard warning for tonight, so that is fun ;). I am actually grew up in a small town East of Ottawa so am likely familiar with whatever town it is you live in! Small world.

      I hope you enjoy your time on PEI, August is a beautiful time here, I also can’t wait!


      1. What a small world! I live in Rockland, which is now a bigger town but used to be small when we moved here about 35 years ago! I can’t wait to go hiking in the Gatineau Hills with my dog. It will be above 0 today which is exciting! I hope that blizzard was not too bad!

        Are there any nice yarn shops in PEI? We’ll be driving around most of the island but the cottage we are renting is close to French River on Green Gable Shores.


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