Riddari Knitting Kit Give Away!

A Special Knitting Kit from Alafoss in Iceland, just for you ❤

Today on PEI, we are snowed into our homes.  The province essentially shut down.  We do however have power (amazing!) so I think it is the best time to discuss the Riddari Knitting Kit GiveAway!

We are very excited to have partnered up with Alafoss to offer you a chance to win a Riddari knitting kit!  The Riddari pattern, designed by Védís Jónsdóttir for Ístex, is a classic take on the traditional Lopapeysa.  It’s a fun, unisex pattern that is perfect for a beginner who is ready to tackle something a little more challenging as well as advanced knitters.

The kit includes:

14 x Léttlopi (50 grams) – 100% Icelandic Wool Yarn (Check out the Alafoss website – linked above – to see the colours included in the kit)

  • 9 x Color 1420 (Murky) Pictured first on the left
  • 3 x Color 0059 (Black)
  • 1 x Color 1418 (Straw) Next to black
  • 1 x Color 1419 (Barley)
  • img_20161216_114247
    The colours in the kit (These are from my own kit:) You will get your own, untouched and free from the animals of my house!

The yarn included in this kit is enough to make the XXL sweater (the biggest size in this pattern) – if you are knitting a smaller size, you will have left overs to make fun mittens and/or socks!

Needles not included but you need:

4½ mm circular needles 40 and 80 cm

3½ mm circular needles 40 and 80 cm

3½ mm and 4½ mm double pointed needles

These are readily available at any craft/wool store for reasonable prices.  They are also necessities for any knitter and will be used time and time again!  I often snatch up any knitting needles I find at thrift stores.  You can often fine a bag with dozens for a couple of dollars.

Working on my own Riddari Kit on a snow day
pretty simple knitting in the round ❤
Snow drifts on the window in the bedroom and a sleepy pup
The pattern 🙂  This picture of the man with the rope is the one available
So much wool in the kit!  14 balls of beautiful, Icelandic wool

This was the first Lopapeysa that I ever knit.  After my partner Jamie and I drove around magical Iceland in April 2013, we stopped in at a shop and I bought enough Léttlopi to make him the sweater (the rough sea one in the pictures).  I loved it so much and that really set off my love for knitting Icelandic sweaters in the round.  Featured below: Jamie’s “Rough Seas” Riddari on the left and my Oatmeal Riddari on the right.  I wear Jamie’s even though it is much too big for me >.<

And there you have it!

The Giveaway is open today on Saturday, December 17th 2016 and will close next Friday, December 23rd.  Anyone and everyone can enter.  The winner will be chosen at complete random.  I suggest entering even if you don’t knit,  Perhaps there is someone you know that would really appreciate a beautiful knitting gift?

Details for entering can be found on my Instagram page @woodfolkk  Simply comment on the picture featuring riddari and tag 2 people you think would be interested in the contest.  That is how simple it is 🙂

This is all thanks to the wonderful people at ALAFOSS Please do yourself a favour and find them on instagram at @alafoss and check out their online shop (http://alafoss.is) for a myriad of Icelandic woolen goods (among other things <3).  They have been in business since the late 19th Century, how cool is that?


20 thoughts on “Riddari Knitting Kit Give Away!

  1. this is so lovely to read! you have such a beautiful blog and instagram, so much talent. and this is sooo exciting! i love Iceland, lopapeysas, lopi, and Álafoss!! it was a dream come true to visit Álafoss Kvos the tiny village where the shop is!! xxx


    1. Hi Lori, nice to see you here 🙂 Thanks so much, I really enjoy your instagram as well! I am dreaming of going back again soon. We went in the spring last, I’d love to go during each season and see how it magically transforms!
      Julia xo

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Is the kit for sale somewhere ? Is it just for this GiveAway? I have entered to win on IG, but wondered where i can be purchased as well. 🙂 thanks, ~lou~


    1. Hey Lou! Great question, it is for sale via the AlaFoss website in their knitting kit section. When the giveaway is over next Friday, I will have a coupon for anyone interested in buying this kit so I would wait until then if you are not the lucky winner 😊😊


  3. Such a lovely knitting pattern! I must admit you have got me hooked on icelandic knitting patterns. We have a lot of nice traditional knitting patterns in Norway as well, but I’m “used to them”, so these lovely icelandic patterns that you use are all new to me, and therefore (I must admit) a bit more interesting at the moment). But I do love the traditional Norwegian knitting patterns as well. I have a loOong list of icelandic knitting to do 😀


    1. I would actually love to knit some Norwegian patterns this year. We are in the same boat, looking somewhere else than our usual for knitting inspiration! I am thinking of my New Years resolutions and knitting in different styles is definitely in there 😀 If you have any simpler Norwegian patterns (with English translations!) please send them my way and I will be so happy to look into them 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’ll do that! There are lots to choose from, are you thinking about a small thing such as mittens og a sweater or something like that? 🙂


      2. I like the idea of something small right now, like little booties or socks! I have looked at a lot of patterns just pictures really online. I have a wool order in my near future it seems!
        🙂 ❤


  4. This is such a special giveaway Julia and those shades look beautiful together. Am knitting a yoked sweater out of Lettlopi at the moment, the main colour is a mid grey and the yoke has dark grey, red, white and mustard. Have just started on the colour work and can’t wait to complete and wear it.
    Am quite envious of you being snowed in – hope you are keeping warm and the power holds out. Jane x


    1. Thanks Jane, I think it’s special too! I’m thrilled Alafoss and Ways of Wood Folk have partnered up for this ❤ I really wish we could have more gifts, but who knows perhaps in the future. Are you enjoying knitting with lettlopi? Sounds like it's lovely, your sweater. I love it 🙂 And no need to be envious, we have now lost the bulk of the snow to rain and have replaced it with ice 😛

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  5. Yes I am really enjoying knitting with Lettlopi – the dyed colours have an amazing depth but I really like the natural shades most of all. Now I am onto the yoke I can hardly put it down so will post a picture when it’s done. Also I think I will have wool left over for mitts 😊

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  6. Hello,

    I have a 16 year-old daughter who just adores classic men’s clothes. She would swoon over such a jumper made by her mama. The colours are all her, as well. I came here, roundabout, through your Instagram. PEI is an old love in our family, thanks to summers reading aloud from Anne. This daughter has an old crush on introvert Matthew!


    1. Hey there 🙂
      That is awesome about your daughter! I love hearing young girls having less conventional (in my mind way more interesting) interests. This sweater is unisex, I have 2 in my home that I made (one for me, one for my partner) and I wear both of them regularly! Perhaps your luck will get you the kit! But even if it doesn’t, lopi wool is very affordable (and I’ll be offering a coupon later in the week) . So nice to hear about PEI, did you ever make it to the island? And I am a great fan of Anne too.. I think she is one of the best children’s characters of fiction ever! And Matthew really is lovable, haha 🙂


  7. Ohh seeing these other pictures in this post makes me even more excited about the giveaway 🙂 crossing my fingers! Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity ❤


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