Inking and Painting Yule Cards

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A wee elf inspired girl wearing a lopapeysa cape, heading out to check on the farm animals on a bright, winter’s night – cards available at Woodfolk Prints

The last of November, the foggy and rust strewn month. We have traded our ruddy November shades for the whites, greys, blacks and blues of winter.  Already, 2 storm fronts have guided us right through the wardrobe and we’re told to expect another tomorrow.  We luckily have a wood burning fireplace, several cords of wood and plenty of food.  I love winter in all it’s cold, bright glory.

Our house after the second major snowfall this morning
The woods were dangerous this morning, splitting trees and heavy falling snow prevailed

Anyway!  Over the course of November, I designed a couple of little Christmas/Yule time (whatever you fancy) cards to carry at December Markets as well as give to family and friends.  I wanted to share with you some of my drawings and the final products.  I love working with paper, it’s such a simple yet beautiful material (I took several book history classes in my Masters and yes, much of it was about paper ;).  I put a couple up for sale too on my paper shop.

Ultimately, I would love to print on handmade paper, but all in good time!  I have so many “I would like to…” in every area of my life, especially when it comes to making (and growing) but for the time being, this is what I have available.

What are these pieces inspired by?  I am inspired by SO much.  So many art movements, historical eras, design.  I love art and I love history.  These are inspired by mid-century Christmas card design, my backyard and closet, medieval tapestry and the woodcuts of one of my favourite artists, Albrecht  Dürer.  Mid-Century Norwegian Folktale books, fairy tales, medieval botanical woodcuts and I could keep going!  I would love to do some posts to concentrate on just one facet of something I love (for instance Irish Folk tales or Medieval woodcuts, etc.).

And for now, I am going to sit by the fire, drink chamomile and red raspberry leaf,  work on a custom knit sweater and listen to Mary Jane Lamond and Anonymous 4 ❤

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Practicing my favourite Rhode Island Reds
Not far now…
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Rough sketches, I think I might be a lopapeysa cape wearing elf wannabe
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Happy Elfling presenting Holly for the Holidays
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Grey and Blue winter girl checking on her animals


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Green Ink and my Durer Woodcut Book
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Scandinavian Inspired elf, available on
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Handmade cards with handmade ornaments
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The beginning of the Flying Yule Reindeer
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Finding inspiration, guidance and a little confidence
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My work desk and a little colour added
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Medieval Tapestry inspired reindeer card 🙂
Medieval French Tapestry Inspiration
Christmas Wreath and Cabin on Brown Rustic Paper
My original illustration, made with my Mom in mind
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The latest mitts, a vintage Grimms recent Thrift find and a handmade card

And there you have it!  My latest artwork and cards all available on my Art Etsy Shop WoodFolk Prints (  Each card is blank inside and is stamped with one of my handcarved stamps on the back as well as on the fold of the envelope. I really hope you enjoy looking at these photographs of my work, it means a lot to me to hear any type of feedback when it comes to my creative world.

My walk this morning, 4 days later




10 thoughts on “Inking and Painting Yule Cards

  1. Julia,

    I’m endlessly inspired by your eye for beauty and detail, and I love being whisked away to your world by every one of your posts. Thank you for sharing your aesthetic process with us, and I’m very much enjoying learning of your playlist, too (which I’m gratified to find is similar to my own!).

    Sending love & cozy winter blessings,



    1. Giada,
      Thank you so much for this beautiful comment. I read it to my partner out loud because I thought it was so sweet and he said it made him really happy as well! I am also excited that you like similar music! I have a pretty eclectic taste which covers a whole lot from traditional folk, Gregorian chants to 70s punk to classical. I could go on! I’m just really happy to be connecting to others like yourself ❤


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