November on the Island

It’s the end of daylight savings today.  Winter is at our doorstep and I am bracing myself for the coming dark months, for the cold and snow, fires, hot herbal teas picked and dried over the summer months and the melancholia that sometimes makes an appearance.  One of my old time ways to deal with the dramatic changes in weather and daylight is joining it outdoors.  We have always hiked year round witnessing the changing of the seasons, but I always feel as though it’s crucial in the late fall.

Jamie and I have been taking Henry regularly to trails around our house.  We live in the countryside on Prince Edward Island and have access to many beautifully wooded trails.  The countryside here is idyllic.  The rolling hills host 100 year old farms with trees that match the date of those old homes.  Horses, cows, sheep and goats graze peacefully and the ocean is never far.  The red of the Sugar Maples have all fallen but the tamaracks stand golden and the blueberry fields stretch scarlet.

Here are a few pictures of the walks we have taken this past week.  I hope you enjoy them and see the beauty in November ❤

The woods are going to sleep


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An old logging trail in the woods
Henry waiting patiently for a treat


Something about old fence posts… 😀
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Tamarack and Spruce ❤
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The Hedgerows by a trail down to the river we live near, it’s full of rosehips at the moment
Henry in her element
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On our way to the trails, we took a different random country route for a little adventure and see many abandoned farms.
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Jamie took this photo of me on one of walks with all my Woolens, one of the best parts of Autumn
Walking down a red road to see the changing Tamaracks
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Wild blueberry fields forever

8 thoughts on “November on the Island

  1. Hi!

    So beautiful pictures! And I am so glad I found your blog! I especially like the one with the wild blueberry fields! What amazing colors! 🙂



  2. Beautiful photos! I like the month of November. There’s something special about flora and fauna getting ready for winter. ☺️


  3. Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos and your thoughts about the coming season, Julia. Love the tamaracks and blueberry fields! I’ve only seen the blueberry fields in the summer – I had no idea they turned such an amazing red colour! Henry is so cute.🐶😍


    1. Hi Valerie! I know, the blueberry fields in the fall really took me by surprise when I first moved to the East and saw them. You can’t miss them and they are all over Northern Nova Scotia and to a lesser extent PEI. And Henry is so cute, haha I am allowed to say that, right? I tell her every day, she will be pleased to know you think so as well 😉 I hope I can see some photos soon of your new pup 🙂


  4. Hi Julia Thank you for sharing these pics with us – autumn is really beautiful especially where you live and lovely Henry is the perfect colour for merging into the background. Love that photo of you bundled up in your winter woolies. Is the scarf one of your own designs – it looks like there is some very pretty garter stitch lace going on
    Jane x


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