Inking and Painting Yule Cards

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A wee elf inspired girl wearing a lopapeysa cape, heading out to check on the farm animals on a bright, winter’s night – cards available at Woodfolk Prints

The last of November, the foggy and rust strewn month. We have traded our ruddy November shades for the whites, greys, blacks and blues of winter.  Already, 2 storm fronts have guided us right through the wardrobe and we’re told to expect another tomorrow.  We luckily have a wood burning fireplace, several cords of wood and plenty of food.  I love winter in all it’s cold, bright glory.

Our house after the second major snowfall this morning
The woods were dangerous this morning, splitting trees and heavy falling snow prevailed

Anyway!  Over the course of November, I designed a couple of little Christmas/Yule time (whatever you fancy) cards to carry at December Markets as well as give to family and friends.  I wanted to share with you some of my drawings and the final products.  I love working with paper, it’s such a simple yet beautiful material (I took several book history classes in my Masters and yes, much of it was about paper ;).  I put a couple up for sale too on my paper shop.

Ultimately, I would love to print on handmade paper, but all in good time!  I have so many “I would like to…” in every area of my life, especially when it comes to making (and growing) but for the time being, this is what I have available.

What are these pieces inspired by?  I am inspired by SO much.  So many art movements, historical eras, design.  I love art and I love history.  These are inspired by mid-century Christmas card design, my backyard and closet, medieval tapestry and the woodcuts of one of my favourite artists, Albrecht  Dürer.  Mid-Century Norwegian Folktale books, fairy tales, medieval botanical woodcuts and I could keep going!  I would love to do some posts to concentrate on just one facet of something I love (for instance Irish Folk tales or Medieval woodcuts, etc.).

And for now, I am going to sit by the fire, drink chamomile and red raspberry leaf,  work on a custom knit sweater and listen to Mary Jane Lamond and Anonymous 4 ❤

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Practicing my favourite Rhode Island Reds
Not far now…
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Rough sketches, I think I might be a lopapeysa cape wearing elf wannabe
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Happy Elfling presenting Holly for the Holidays
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Grey and Blue winter girl checking on her animals


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Green Ink and my Durer Woodcut Book
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Scandinavian Inspired elf, available on
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Handmade cards with handmade ornaments
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The beginning of the Flying Yule Reindeer
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Finding inspiration, guidance and a little confidence
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My work desk and a little colour added
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Medieval Tapestry inspired reindeer card 🙂
Medieval French Tapestry Inspiration
Christmas Wreath and Cabin on Brown Rustic Paper
My original illustration, made with my Mom in mind
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The latest mitts, a vintage Grimms recent Thrift find and a handmade card

And there you have it!  My latest artwork and cards all available on my Art Etsy Shop WoodFolk Prints (  Each card is blank inside and is stamped with one of my handcarved stamps on the back as well as on the fold of the envelope. I really hope you enjoy looking at these photographs of my work, it means a lot to me to hear any type of feedback when it comes to my creative world.

My walk this morning, 4 days later




Cold, Haily, Windy Night

Hello and welcome!

These past few weeks have been dark, so dark!  Today, after a tumultuous day of wind, rain, hail and snow the sun set at 4:30 pm.  Our chickens were resting on their roosts ready to be closed in for the long night.  The sun has been elusive and I have grown so accustomed to an ever present fog.  I am sitting here by our first wood fire of the cold season, the lights flickering and mourning the death of a tall spruce that the wind brought to an unseemly end.

The mist and varying shades of grey play on the landscape, dance across and make it so enticing!  Last week, I took Henry on the ferry and spent some time in North Eastern Nova Scotia with my parents, sister and brother in law. The closest place I can go to an expansive wilderness with little human intervention.  I love it there.

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The ferry crossing
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Meaghan’s knitting basket, it’s cute and I love it!
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Nova Scotia, a Mecca for Lichen
At the lake
Family walks to the river, we often walk right through it to the other side 🙂
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so many rogue apple trees
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Misty, misty walks
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Old bottles in the greenhouse
Who has seen the wind
My brother in law – Reg and Merlin the sweet dog, believe it or not, this shot is candid.
East Coast Victorian Gothic
My sister gave me this Fair Isle she found at Value Village, I love it truly

It’s strange how I feel when I go out to this place – such a deep connection to the earth.  I spend most of my time outside, somewhere.  Walking with the dogs, sitting by the river or off to the beach to be with the rocks and waves.  All of the above photographs are from our walks or about the house.  When it grows dark, we have a homemade meal together (made with many vegetables grown from the soil beneath our feet) and then we sit together and go back in time, where the women of the house knit or mend but of course before an glowing screen.

Necessary in my backpack
Tea time, using my great grandmothers kettle


The sun graced the woods for a short while
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Collected along the walk
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Mossy Roots

I was determined to have some woodland fires and at least make a cup of tea regardless of the less than hospitable conditions.  When I graduated from STFX, before moving to Toronto, I spent so much time having campfires on the beaches or in the woods.  I loved this time and wanted to do it again. However, everything outside was soaking because of our beloved November.   My Dad taught me to use resin from the trees on top of birch bark to light a campfire after a heavy rain.  Resin is incredibly flammable, I’m guessing to offer some aid in the natural occurring  forest fires.  I collected the dried, scab like resin that has accumulated over the trees to heal past wounds. I made a base layer of birch park, spruce and fir resin and placed dead branches from the base of spruce to get a fire going.  Once I had a decent fire, I began to add live wood  (recently felled trees) to my fire.  In the end I had delicious pot of piping hot rosehip and spruce needle tea!

Over my past few visits, my Dad has been working on a new barn, made by his own devices. Using lumber he has made himself using a chainsaw and dead trees from around the property, salvaged windows and some nails he has made a beautiful, beautiful building.  I hope to write and share more about it and his process in a future blog post, but for the time being, I’d like to share a few photographs ❤

I will return in the winter, the most beautiful cold, stark time.

P.S. And apparently, snowy night – I just went to put Henry outside and there is snow – lots of snow.


The new barn







November on the Island

It’s the end of daylight savings today.  Winter is at our doorstep and I am bracing myself for the coming dark months, for the cold and snow, fires, hot herbal teas picked and dried over the summer months and the melancholia that sometimes makes an appearance.  One of my old time ways to deal with the dramatic changes in weather and daylight is joining it outdoors.  We have always hiked year round witnessing the changing of the seasons, but I always feel as though it’s crucial in the late fall.

Jamie and I have been taking Henry regularly to trails around our house.  We live in the countryside on Prince Edward Island and have access to many beautifully wooded trails.  The countryside here is idyllic.  The rolling hills host 100 year old farms with trees that match the date of those old homes.  Horses, cows, sheep and goats graze peacefully and the ocean is never far.  The red of the Sugar Maples have all fallen but the tamaracks stand golden and the blueberry fields stretch scarlet.

Here are a few pictures of the walks we have taken this past week.  I hope you enjoy them and see the beauty in November ❤

The woods are going to sleep


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An old logging trail in the woods
Henry waiting patiently for a treat


Something about old fence posts… 😀
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Tamarack and Spruce ❤
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The Hedgerows by a trail down to the river we live near, it’s full of rosehips at the moment
Henry in her element
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On our way to the trails, we took a different random country route for a little adventure and see many abandoned farms.
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Jamie took this photo of me on one of walks with all my Woolens, one of the best parts of Autumn
Walking down a red road to see the changing Tamaracks
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Wild blueberry fields forever

Sketch for Dawn 1

These past few months, I have done so little drawing!  The summer really steals away most of my creativity, but now that the leaves are falling from the trees and the nights are growing so long, I feel like I can sit and be patient and draw.  The colder weather just forces me to slow down, which I really need to draw.  I have only started a little bit but hope to do much, much more.  My favourite things to draw are things from the natural world and to simply copy out paintings or illustrations that I love.  I’ve had such a complex relationship over the years with drawing but I finally feel free to just indulge in what I really like to make and not worry about perfection or judgement.

Here are a few of my sketches from October.  Now on to a new Moon, new month, new art ❤

Girl holding a wee goat
Oak Leaves and Acorns
Halloween Sketches
Work space
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Claude Paradin’s Emblems
Little Ink Drawings
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Autumn Watercolour & Ink
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Knitting Custom Order and my latest sketch for the Ancestors on Samhain